Favorite games from the past: part 2

The second part of your beloved category, in which we remember the pearls of the world of game making and all the things that make us happy for more than 10 years ago.



At numerous requests of workers and your heart – Morocco.

In 2002-m to year, in addition to sparkling Comedy show with Maxim Galkin, there were many other entertainments. But this… this was the most wonderful! For most people, this game was the first of a series of «Ancient scrolls» because «Arena» play only selected fans, and «Daggerfall» was from head to toe from bugs. Although most of the computers pulled it «Daggerfall» schedule. But when you run you woke smelling of ash rough hand Dunmer with the words: «Bratishka, I’ll eat brought». No, it’s another masterpiece. There was a painfully familiar phrase, on hearing which, even years later, you start involuntarily crying, «Hey, Wake up! Well, you and Sonya. You even yesterday’s storm didn’t Wake. Say we have already arrived in Morrowind…» shramirovaniye Enough to see the face of jiub to understand that right now you will come to the island, where everything is. And selltrigger with Azura, and nerevarin-vahami, and the last of the Dwemer, and chitin armor, glass armor, the armor of the Royal guard, dwarven armor, and this and that and the sausage, and that’s not all. In short, there is everything.

And remember your home with mistacke, which must have been in Balmora? Probably know Balmora is better than your hometown. And the area of the bitter coast? How many stone podar, Korpusov and other bad diseases I picked up there! Clearly more than Alexander Emelianenko in his entire professional career. Even now I fear that I will reveal purulent lyupinus ashen or ulcer.

This game had everything: good story, great for the time schedule that prevents many modern gamers to experience the greatness of the amazing beauties Waterfall where you move a huge passenger fleas and make armor from the bones. But trust me, it’s worth it. Or wait for the release already full Skywind – «Morrowind on the engine Skyrim». Should be interesting, however, it is likely that we will see not earlier than the sixth part of TES.

Separately want to say about the additions: Tribunal that allows us to walk through the capital of Morrowind – Mournhold and Bloodmoon epic, which adds a charming touch to Skyrim thanks to the get-together on a snowy island Coldham. Another plus for fans of the werewolf and lycanthropy, which allows each night to turn into a hairy, malodorous monster like Dzhigurda and… running in the form of a werewolf.

A feature of the series «The Elder Scrolls» is that each game is not similar to the old one. Each has its own, unique atmosphere. «Skyrim» is revived, the harsh Scandinavian epic with dragons, «Oblivion» is a sad tale of madness and the downfall of the world, «Morrowind» is just the starting point, which, according to many, is worthy of the title «game of the century».

So, in conclusion, what we love about Morrowind – the music of Jeremy Soule.

By the way, at the time of writing this article it became known that died suhoverko Rogvold, whose velvety baritone said Hagrid, Gandalf, and half the population Vvanderfell. Indeed, very, very sorry. Rest in peace.

GTA: Vice City


I look forward to the good old tradition you start writing about how days and nights lost in Los Santos, San Fierro and other cities of the illustrious crime in the region with a very familiar name San-Andreas. But do you remember Tommy Vercetti? Something tells a name? And city Vice city? And Colonel Cortez? And Lance Vance Dance? And that breaks all perceptions of the adequacy of the mission with the helicopter? If so, let us remember together the good times when you were a storm computer Miami.

A typical story about how the kid came to success, was finally coming. It is highly questionable methods.

A feature of all parts of the GTA that you can easily visit major cities in the US, and even harm it without leaving home. And most importantly — freedom and chaos. And what is the atmosphere there! The game sends the whole entourage and the spirit of the 80s are better than movies from the 80’s. it Is believed that Hawaiian shirts became popular in Russia just after the «Vice city» and «Fear and loathing in Las Vegas».

Music, clothing, home and surroundings – as in the best fighters, which became the basis for this film. The mansion in «Scarface», attorney Rosenberg even outwardly is an exact copy of the lawyer Kleinfeld from «Carlito’s Way». A special atmospheric sets and music. That’s really a sight for sore ears! Wung Chung, Ozzy Osbourn, Motley Crue, Michael Jackson – what more can convey the whole entourage. By the way, I remember a group of stoned music addicts Love Fist, which the will of the plot had to deal with? This is typical MotleyCrue!

You think you’re not just watching, but living in Miami of the 80s. And all these Haitian, Cuban and biker gang with which to engage in friendship by mutual consent, the icing on the cake. Like a huge log, copy the phone at that time.

And all these supplements, which are rich in any part of the «GTA»! This part is the most delicious Supplement was Long Zombie night, where you try to survive in post-apocalyptic Miami. In fact, a new game on the old engine.

Was and disadvantages. The biggest mission with the helicopter, which still makes waking up in a cold sweat all fans of the game. Minus smaller – the character can’t swim. But otherwise this is the best that could be at the time. Who played it on console, someone on a PC, and someone is now trying to become the crime king of Vice city on the tablet. So, it is impossible outdated graphics, but the game is in fact at all times.

Now wrote and wanted to dress in a dinner suit «Mr. Vercetti» war with the police, frantically typing every two seconds sacred code «Aspirine» to visit a strip club «role position», where angular beauty voguing in the shadows, and enjoy the beautiful sunset over the Strait. Then, many years ago, it seemed the happiness.



The word «steampunk» in some irritating, others admiration. However, if you add the word «steampunk» word «Arcanum», the eyes or rounded from a misunderstanding, or strained, gulping tart note of nostalgia. One of the first games that appealed to everyone. Almost all. If we talk about «old Skool», it is in all its manifestations.

Such an interesting and detailed world, like in Arcanum, where you meet rarely. You really want to understand the political system of each country, to use each weapon and find out why hit the poor the airship «Zephyr». Many have compared the «Arcanum» with «Fallout», although in essence the game is the confrontation between the world of Jules Verne and JRR Tolkien.

The authors tried to give her a light veil of intelligence, making reference to anything else but the great «divine Comedy». Famous game character name is Virgil, and he, like his namesake from the works of Dante, accompanies you in an unfamiliar world.

This game was great everything from the script to the incredibly cozy atmosphere. Every town, every character, every country gave something new. The variety and charm of the wonderful world captured, and you played it for hours on end, reading witty, intelligent constructed dialogue. And even after many years, the game looks so kosher that you begin to think, what would so donate to have enough time to «Arcanum». But the game 2001. God, what I old!



If someone says that the Czechs, in addition to beer, can’t do anything, I’ll get a gold card from the pocket – the game «Mafia». The Czechs managed to create a detailed world with astonishing graphics, a huge free world where you can do whatever you want with the car, gangsters and other attributes of America the days of prohibition. Authenticity and cinematic are the two trumps that excitement-filled students of the sample in 2001. Indeed, the plot of the game fascinated so much that sometimes it seemed you’re watching the film based on the book by Mario Puzo, not play, which is not surprising given tons of references to «the Godfather».

«As well, it’s better than GTA!» – shouted by many. Well, as for the plot, it really hit drama on popkornom obscurantism GTA. The game is so ahead of its time, from the second part of waiting for something impossible. But the second part is a separate issue: some people like it, some don’t.

It was a new round of fashion on the noble Italian gangsters. Tommy Angelo really was no worse than the young Vito Corleone and even prettier. And the whole game Thomas kills villains, build their personal lives (what we with excitement and emotion observed) and like any tough guy, solves problems in the city with the telling title Lost Heaven («Paradise Lost»). I do not think that the Czechs had in mind the old rock ballad domestic production. The city has absorbed the best from new York, Chicago, San Francisco. Even the machines were moving properly, without silly mistakes and accidents, and in this city you can take a ride on the subway. Yes, so what-what, and transport, and the world was at the height.

And the weapons… this film to study the history of weapons beginning of the century. It is very varied and seemed organically drawn in the palm.

However, was this game one big disadvantage – the mission races. Racing in General has been given a very long time, and it was a bit annoying, because only a Superman could pass them, say, 5 times. These hellish chariot was simply unmanageable. But the rest of the game was perfect.

It was freedom of action, however, was not as important as in GTA. However, compared to other pros, it seems does not require special attention nothing. Even now the game does not seem ancient. It is clear that did a long time ago, but the masterpieces are different that is not subject to time. And this is a definite masterpiece. I remember after the dramatic finale of the game wanted to wear a suit, hat and watch all the «Godfather» from beginning to end. Well, beat the game again. However, then the game engine was released at least a good simulator of the criminal world «the Godfather», but that’s another story.



If the cartoon world of «the Sims» to brighten up the elegant script, move it into a fantastic reality and give play not for the whole crazy family together, but only for brutal man, it will be FAble.

The game’s Creator, Peter Molyneux, this game certainly is a place prepared in heaven. I don’t know, there is such freedom of action, as in the game, and he’ll have to catch the fish in the heavenly pond, get a mini-game.

Fancy graphics are not annoying, but rather add to the charm. The plot does not claim to be a genius, but fits perfectly in the environment of the game, which sometimes is somewhat reminiscent of Burton’s films. But the game is beautiful, the relationship of the main character named Hero with the cruel outside world. Eats too much – it becomes thick. Rude and snaps – the people did not love him, and sends in the Northern Wastelands. Even clothes, hairstyles and tattoos affect the population’s attitude to the Hero. Freaks out there do not like. Oh, and most importantly is the ability to have a home, equip it, start a family and turn gray with age. This «real life» struck in 2004-m to year. It was possible to score a mission and simply live. Although around you are surrounded by charismatic characters, which spodvigaet your butt in search of new adventures. And had to spend experience points (that old character in the literal sense), pick up the sword wider and to travel and return to become a champion in a fistfight, and again to go to numerous locations.

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