Favorite games from the past: Part 1

We were all seen in a light agramante, and some even heavy. The game industry is not standing still, every year out of the game of new generation, with improved graphics, a huge persistent worlds and bright scenes. Graphics is all well and good, but sometimes I remember the good old toys, and from the flood of memories pouring avaricious man’s tears. How much time did you spend on them and how much fun they gave you in return! Let’s give the nostalgia and remember that you need to beat.



This game was released in an era when computers had just become an integral part of the interior of each house. Consoles for the moment ceased to be popular, and people pulled out all the money from under the mattress, went to buy the units on which the text to print, and take the soul for a favorite toy. At this moment the German developers decided to prove to himself and the world that German quality applies not only to appliances, but also for games. So there was a «Gothic», great and beautiful. Still, the debate continues about which part is better: first or second. Third, crawling with bugs and flaws, do not take into account. On the fourth, developed by the Hindus, even not want to remember. It’s not the Gothic that we love.

But the first two had everything. The blessed island of Khorinis, where the main character arrives as a prisoner. In the first part of our character (it is believed that his name was Marvin, with all known code) is trying by all means to destroy this barrier. Here a complete freedom of choice. Want join government in the form of the red Camp, led by man in a beautiful coat. Just be on the alert: there all concepts, because the power elite – convicts who staged a coup. Do not like came to the success of the convicts – join the separatist blue camp living waters. Well, if you other people’s political parties from the tiny island – go to the anarchists-travocort from the Swamp camp (the fastest version of the passage). There generally all is very simple: smoke, solve problems, kill hellish creatures.

This freedom of choice, and different endings, incredibly bribed inexperienced gamers. In the «Gothic» a lot of charismatic characters and incredibly beautiful at the time nature. Quite a complex and inconvenient system boevki, but all this is compensated by the delight that you experience in the game. The game could not pass the day: had to work and pump your character with a frenzy rocky Balboa. Otherwise, the first scavenger will split you forehead with his dirty beak. And admired the stunning freedom of action. Here, truly, do what you want. Well, the truth of life: the game begins with the fact that the main character off and Rob. No way.

The second part has already appeared dragons, popular in the modern game. However, this game does not become worse. All the same, only better graphics, combat system and easier management, and the other taking part in public-political life of the region, solve problems, smoke favorite in the first part of the marsh grass and palling around with questionable magician Xardas and other guys with Spanish names (which is surprising for German games). But Diego was cool.

And the great thing is music. Kai Rosenkranz – just a real genius. This could write only kissed by none other than Mozart. Best music, in my opinion, of course, in the 3rd part. It should just download and listen to all lovers of good music. Thanks to the works of Rosenkranz game takes on a certain tinge of sweet sorrow. Even after you slaughtered like a dog, another Orc.

AGe of Empires II


You know what I think now? Come, find old-old worn disc and go for the El CID. At the time this game has replaced history textbook strategy, that is, at all times. This balance was not in the game: a huge number of races that are completely different from each other, in the same tower cooler, in other – the invincible cavalry, in the third – funny sounds (which are Viking «trebah» and «bwin»). Even naval battles were. The rest, of course, is a classic of the time when in games you have to get resources. In fact, this game is about the development of civilizations and empires. So where there are no resources.

In 1999, the game was simply a masterpiece. Even now it is still relevant and quite complex. There is nothing better than to build a huge fortress to evolve to the Imperial era, to build a trebuchet, to develop all the buildings and go forth to sow kindness and affection to expose. Despite the 2D, carnage was very interesting to watch. Moreover, such diversity has long arms nowhere to be seen. Here it was necessary to consider all the details, for example, against cavalry you need to put spearmen and archers and so on. Indeed, always needed time to think. So play it was more difficult than it might seem. Early games were generally harder.

But if you’re too lazy to develop your Empire, then please play in the company. There were many of them, hardly probable not on each individual fraction. And each was reproduced with historical accuracy. But for savers, it was possible to study history. Oh, and most importantly – the «miracle» that each faction had its – a clear indication of why the Western civilization as a result of advanced more than the poor Mongols.

Warcraft 3


No word on the «Dot»! We are discussing it Waracraft, Artes, Uther, Melanosome, Illidan, Furion. You can, of course, to remember the good old battle between the orcs and humans in two-dimensional space the first and second parts, but will refer to «three» because it generated «Dot», which it lost and was forced to forget any hope for the release of the fourth part.

At the time, three-dimensional graphics in the strategy marked the 360 degrees of rotation in the gaming industry. In «heroes»-units have any RPG elements, abilities that had to be pumped. In addition, there were 4 different factions, differ markedly from each other: cunning elves, the brave orcs, strange people, insidious undead. Play was interesting because of the very dramatic plot, and the presence of cutscenes knocked a glowing tear even the most biased fan. Then came the application «the Frozen Throne», which added new buns in the form of 4 companies, race naked and more complex drama.

This game was really fun to play. How it was drawn and the plot! The orcs seem to be more humane people, an unexpected betrayal, and throwing the main character. And all this in the strategy. And a bunch of other homegrown scripts on pirate discs continued satisfaction. Even on his deathbed we all remember the legendary code «whosyourdaddy» that lightened the lives of millions around the world. It is much more interesting DotA strategy, in which were the characters in the movie are not very common. And the plot is not the level of current industry.

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion


Fast forward to a magical world where written erotic book about a humanoid lizard, and the main drug dealers there are talking cats. Yes, I know about more brutal and eldowy Morrowind, but we should not throw sticks into Oblivion. It so happened that in it the author has played before, and for many years this game has become a reference. While everyone cries over the «Last of Us», I remember the plot of «oblivion,» and the tears poured harder. Not even because it is a pity, Martin, but because I wanted to get something more than armor «Champion of Cyrodiil». In fact, there was some devastation.

What have we got? More vivid graphics and atmosphere of the cities. They just had a nice walk. They are all different, and in each it was possible to buy a decent house, drink a Khajiit scumy, to read a few volumes of «the Lusty Argonian maiden» and embark on a journey. And on the way to join numerous guilds, which was probably the most interesting the main company in the fighters Guild, the mages Guild, the thieves Guild. And you can join the Dark brotherhood and become a professional Hitman like Leon. Many went there just to get the latex costume Lucien Lachance. Well, after you can close a few oblivion gates, kill something called a Dremora Churl and run into the town guard with his legendary phrase: «Stop your right there criminal scum!» Why would you criminal the foam is not clear.

Here you could live. Why go back to the harsh reality when there are all the more interesting. There was diversity, there was life. Even communication with Angelskim paranoid led to incredible adventures. Pick any role and forward to enclose the cave and destroy the cult of Malacath. Oh yeah, don’t forget to serve Petrovaradin Daedra. They will thank.

The game has many side quests that has always been distinguished by originality, and, of course, DLC. For example, the legendary visit to the realm of old Sheogorath in Shivering Isles, where the disguised paranoid vparivaet you the cheese and sends to certain death.

Well, the main plus all games in the series TES – the music of Jeremy Soule, which adds atmosphere even basic Gierulski standing on the mountain, when from afar you admire the White Gold tower.

I think everyone who says that likes RPGs should at least once to play this masterpiece. And let the orcs in the game look like alcoholics with red eyes in rubber masks, and the Khajiit was copied from the lion king, it will still be great.

Heroes 3


When someone says: «let’s Play in the third,» you think about the Characters.

This is a game – a-kind record in knockout nostalgic tears of adult uncles, although it is played still, because the game is at an all time schedule for such a cozy, colorful castles, colorful characters, strange artifacts, spells, etc, as in other parts of the: fight, conquer, collect and watch every Monday, what to expect from the new week – it is incredibly soulful music. In all these works it is great, but «Heroes» she was special. It got to the point that these masterpieces sounded in Russian is a network of cosmetic clinics, and even in South Park.

Do you remember how complicated battles? Everything has become harder, but more interesting. It seemed that may be interested in the «geroevskoe» boevka? It turns out, can: you had to think like in any other game. Well, and the atmosphere, which can be envied even «the Lord of the Rings» and any fiction novel. Well, the Grail… How much time was spent on his search! If in the past night the Windows could be seen the blue flicker, it means that someone is watching wrestling with Nikolai Fomenko, or enthusiastically passes «the third one». While it is better to strategy came up.

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