Fat hot dog

At the time, as everything is now driven by healthy eating (and we manygoodtips.com also instruct you), sometimes you want to eat something harmful. Because, let’s face it, it’s delicious. Last time you ate enough fatty cheese sandwich, I agree was that necessary? It is time for a fatty hot dog.

Generally a hotdog is a sausage in a bun with ketchup and mustard, maybe with mayonnaise to meatier and tastier. But why not add to the sausage more what is cholesterol?


If you think that bread and sausage for you is not quite satisfying, add chopped fried bacon and fried pieces of salami.


And what if the sausage add… eggs. So simply cut a boiled egg and Bach on top of the sausage. Of course, beforehand you pour sausage gravy (you can add cheese) and then covered with egg. Sprinkle the top with spices, or those that are near at hand.


And if too lazy to cook an egg, you can improvise — add some cheese, salami and some kind of pickled vegetable. Although it will not be so bold… Give it to a friend, let consoles himself that her hot dog by a handful of vegetables is not as high in calories and harmful.


Well, in the end, the hot dogs can be absolutely abnormal, for example, add peanut butter or roasted marshmallows, and pour all this with some chocolate sauce or jam. You can throw away then this hot dog in the garbage can, noting to myself that this shit was at least fun to do.


Eat to satiety, and the next day go to the gym or to jog.

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