Fat girls: no one likes fat women

manygoodtips.com_19.02.2014_GyCdavOhCDZqhThis is awesome unpleasant thing, but fat girls like only perverts. Or those that others do not give. Or some members of traditional tribes, which have stout bodies mean nutrient reserves and belonging to a higher caste that is not engaged in difficult and exhausting work in the fields and woods. No fat and just fat girl doesn’t have to be any one model plus size doesn’t want to be a plus size model. Fat is ugly, I want to kill myself in the comments. In some cases, fat may be more or less beautiful depending on the build, but the key word here is «more or less». Very sad to realize that pretty on the girl’s face so let yourself go, what with their sides hanging «elephant ears», a piece that can be beautiful, hopelessly running. Here’s a perfect example of when motivation has not worked. They know perfectly well that thick. They want to lose weight, they would have sold the soul for it. But nobody wants their soul, and to work on myself seems so tedious case, which, as they have chosen the wrong methods of weight loss does not benefit. They believe this because of the notorious thick bones or hormones, which, frankly, happens very rarely. So why still no one likes fat women Dating them stupid because the game does not give?

1. Rationalization and denial

In psychology there is such a thing as «rationalization». It’s such a psychological defense, when a person starts comes up with logical excuses for why he engaged in such or such a thing, even unconsciously. In fact, the man himself is not happy that he is fat or drinking a lot, but he needs to look normal at least in their own eyes. Often he even in it begins to believe it, but deep down the hidden truth.

Obesity is an undesirable trait, it is an indisputable fact. Usually girls who are obese or just very well-fed, trying to justify itself in the following ways:

  • Argue that can not lose weight. They walked to the gym for about a month and quit because it is hard. Or doing it wrong.
  • Claim that they have a hormonal disorder, but never visited the doctor. Recent studies have confirmed that hormonal disorder is more than five percent of the people whose body mass index is over 40.
  • Saying that this girl should have curves and folds. In fact, attractive almost all of the peoples of the world was considered a figure of «hourglass», which was not only functional but also aesthetically beautiful. Even in the days of Rubens and other lovers of the fat, there was a great condemnation of the excessive fat. As one monk once wrote a sermon, which recommended to choose these ladies because they’re… flexible.
  • Believe in a woman’s body needs to be fat to carry babies, and strong press should not be, because the child may break his head, striking the «cubes». Doctors believe that it is critical for women fat percentage is less than 20 percent. And it is VERY small and is achieved by hard ways, for example drying.

2. They’re apathetic

There are people with will power. They begin to run, to do something, to work, to resent, when there is some kind of bullshit. And there are those who put foot on his chest and waiting to die. Excess body fat is an indicator of lack of will power. If you know how much one is eating a fat day, everything becomes clear. And why the swing she is not working, and why a diet of celery and clean air does not help. Once I was sitting with a rather interesting school friend in the same company in a cafe. She ordered the Caesar salad, pancakes and cookies, two pieces of cake, a cocktail and salad and cheese. And eat with a monstrous appetite.

3. They stop to appreciate the femininity and strength appearance

Admit it, we like to look at beautiful women. About the same as they like to look at the biceps of men and all sorts of Judah Lowe. But fat heifers seriously think that the power of femininity and physical appearance is overrated, and that evil men do not want to see their rich inner world. Here is a trivial example. Girls, imagine a fat bespectacled pimply system administrator in a stretched t-shirt with the inscription «USSR»… with a salary of 15 thousand. Now admit it, you like their rich inner world? Just don’t be a hypocrite. Appearance always mattered. Especially for us. One of my friends, by the way, very creepy appearance, really dumb. Though not fat, thank you. Despite the fact that she had so many men and two marriages, no it did not stay long. And if met, really for the sake of a very rich inner world. But not for long.

Slender girl attracts more attention. Beautiful girl causes many more likes and seems intelligent. I remember one girl Svetka. Very nice body, very huge Tits, most acquaintances thought of her as smart because beautiful people we like and we are ready to forgive. Even want to quote Dovlatov, but I won’t. With that girl we still did not happen. The problem is that with the eye drops the veil and you realize that she’s not that smart, and has a number of advantages of the girls from this article. And now she’s fat, by the way. Have toned girls better self esteem, to meet a girl with low self-esteem. Look at dudes who date fat, just for the interest. This is hardly a cool dude!

Despite the fact that some fat women are sure that they are attractive, they are still trying to drape your body. Wear loose-fitting, all sorts of thingies and pattern effect optical illusions to hide the folds. Why they do it, if you consider yourself attractive?

Girls who were able to lose weight, suddenly was very personal. Under the layers of fat suddenly finds himself a beautiful body, and it is almost the rebirth of a caterpillar into a butterfly. Fat is not feminine!

4. They’re willingly sabotaging their own happiness

What if someone did not say, there are people who really don’t need a relationship. And women they are. But still many people want to find congenial person. Not only do these girls justify their own sloth, deprive themselves of 80% of candidates for heart, so they sabotage their own mental health. They secretly unhappy people who are trying to rebel against reality, or to justify their own laziness by some Supreme goals.

5. Despite the fact that they believe that spiritual world, not on the outside, they prove this postulate

Thick — very, very touchy people. Do not seem to want to hurt them, but any phrase can be perceived in bayonets. No one is saying that inner beauty of a person is not important. Another question: do they really beautiful internally? Do you seriously think that if you have lost a thin waist or it never owned, you automatically receive an increase in spirituality?

Ridiculous attempts to present obesity as the norm will only cause alienation and sense of fat women vehemently hate and condemn girls who try to look good and go to the gym. How else to explain their attacks on those who simply look after himself, calling them «unnatural»? In fairness it should be noted that fat people usually are normally inflated to high quality guys with strong bodies. Even with respect. No one ever calls them unnatural, on the contrary, well done guys.

Many women insecure, touchy, full of inner complexes of ladies that are just as «nice boys», you want to approached and saw in them a bright personality.

6. Attempt to look «sexy fat» awful


You probably saw all those fat Chicks who wear outright clothes is huge, and take slutty poses. It’s ugly, because fat can’t be beautiful when it happens and it lies in pieces. Know why they do it? This is an aggressive attempt to look confident. This is similar to the behavior of m*Dacians that aggressive so nobody could suspect them in the presence of some complexes and fears. But we know better. Interesting attempt to convince the people around that fat women are great, they are not shy when wearing bikinis and trying to look sexy. In fact, they are shy, but trying to look arrogant and aggressive as feminists who don’t shave bushes in the armpits.

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