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It is quite normal when your closet includes contemporary clothes and shoes and match fashion, but every year there’s some silly fashion trends that are best ignored. Many designers consider themselves artists and are constantly trying to outdo each other and make a name for yourself. In any collection there are always outfits that are completely impractical and look ridiculous. Here are some of the worst trends of 2013 that should stay on the catwalks and in any case should not be moved in your closet.


I agree that the jacket you wear when you are cold, while the sleeveless garments you make when you’re hot. One can only assume that the only context in which tank tops can be useful is when your torso is cold and the hands hot. This situation does not exist in nature. Tank tops by themselves do not look ugly, but the idea is bad. Tank tops are also not suitable for some men, as they highlight the shoulders, which is great if you’re pumped dude, otherwise,you will not look very profitable.

Floral prints

This year floral prints have worked their way into men’s fashion. With the possible exception of floral ties, yet there are times when floral clothing looks good. However, floral prints have invaded all kinds of clothing, including tops, shorts, pants and jackets. It is easy to imagine flower t-shirt or shirt with stylish jeans and a dark jacket, for example. But it is possible and to be limited, no floral trousers, jackets, etc.

Without socks

When on the catwalk models wear sneakers or shoes, it seems that the designers save on socks. To wear socks or not wear, should be a matter of personal preference, not a statement of style. You look better when you feel comfortable so that when it comes to socks, listen to your feet, not fashion.

Sports wear

Sportswear is now in fashion. You can look elegant and sporty at the same time, but it is more likely that you’re going to look untidy. Free and hanging clothes with labels sporting companies you can wear if you want to look fashionable, but there are also certain limits. For example, this season, basketball shorts are clearly on the other side of this face.

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