Fashion mens wrist watches 2015

manygoodtips.com_16.06.2015_wzH9R9UkpxLLNWatches have long ceased to be a source of time, today it is also a fashion accessory that reflects the level of welfare of the owner, his preferences, status, and sense of taste. Simply put, to paraphrase the classics of cinema: «Even if you walk down the street without pants, you have nothing to be ashamed of your ass, if you have on hand a good watch».

How to choose a watch

The most difficult thing when buying watches – choose from a huge variety of really own. Freedom of choice is truly unlimited.

Conventionally, a large number of accessories can be divided into four categories:

casual – that is, «in the tail and mane», the clock on every day, on all occasions;

– a classic that is especially good for business people who rush to the negotiations;

sport options for active rest – it is important to keep track of time to finish the jog before you begin to speak;

– exclusive brand models wear them in special occasions: wedding, camping at a concert and even a dinner party.

What is fashionable

So, let’s see what pendulums will be popular this year. But this time the designers have clearly identified the direction and propose to depart from the show off, the «boiler» half the hands and pay attention to the simple beautiful shapes. Simply put, «luxurious simplicity» or «neat show-off.»

Recent years, topical products that seamlessly combine the modern style with a touch of noble classics.

In this season, fashionable varsity brands, so the brand on the dial automatically makes you a mod. However, this is not the main trick. The peak will be products, where you can see the internal mechanism. Such watches as the group of Scorpions: when it seems that the fashion for them is gone, they come back. Indeed, look impressive and thanks to the transparency seem easy. By the way, they have a very funny, completely characterized by their nickname – «the skeleton». If you need a skeleton «richer», talk to leaders, which are considered to be a Swiss company Epos» and produces budget American «Ingersoll».


Model unisex

These models combine all the best from the world of male and female design. They tend a bit rough contours, the straps are of medium thickness and the required logo in a prominent place.


Preference is given to metal and leather. But it’s not boring bracelets: the metal changes shape and presented in the form of weaving. The creators of a lot of experimenting with metal frame and took a unanimous decision: this season’s fashionable to combine different metals, enjoying the harmony of style, for example, gold and silver, gold and platinum. And even though copper and stainless steel! Just to look stylish.


As is known, on taste and color of comrades there, so the color scheme can be absolutely anything – from the bright colors of the series «the dream of the epileptic» to noble black, brown and white. The latter, of course, in favor. But why not allow yourself a riot of colors?

Generally specifically promoted the combination of colors. According to Chanel, dark in every sense of the word, pathetic combination of Burgundy and black is the hit of the season. Who are we to argue with them!

Special attention in 2015 given the dial. There are round, square, diamond shape large, medium or miniature size. Under a glass shell you can see even the craziest combinations: blue background with a Golden arrow, black, gray, white, and very original variations in color ivory.

About the most important thing

Before you buy a watch, remember the Golden rule: any model should fit the clothing style of the owner. You don’t have to look like a peasant with a gold collar. Gold rolex worn or new Russians, or idiots. Kryshuemogo business I do not see, so the selection is not great. Well, if you want the image was very deliberate, to take into account the width of the hands and wrists. Those who have a wide wrist and hand can safely choose a model with a massive dial. Heavy boilers on the fine bones make up your hand like a powerful right Hellboy.

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