Fancy knives

The knives in this collection not only can be very useful in the economy, but will also have quite an interesting appearance or the original application. Today, you will see two interesting knife, which, if not surprise you appearance, you will definitely appreciate the contents, the original cover or use.


The first «blade» is difficult to discern when it is in the «sheath» and all because «cover» is… the belt. Than NARROW BUCKLE from the American manufactory Bowen Knife Company you can always carry along with a belt that will support pants of the owner. Made of high quality stainless steel blade is manually formed at the end of the hands of American craftsmen. Knives that are sold on the official website of the Bowen Knife Company, — are varied: wide blade, narrow blade, the blade on both sides and double edged. The length of all NARROW BUCKLE standard — 2.5 inches. Double edged blade without a belt, where it can be hidden, will cost you $ 35. Blade with double blade, you can buy a little more expensive — $ 50. Strap, which allows you to hide the knife, sold separately. This is because varieties of a lot of them. There are the usual belts, leather, in which you can hide only the blade. They occur in two colors: black and brown. Price — $ 30. And there are more complex and interesting design. Look belt, let colour solutions have the same, but he has a real ACE in the hole: a hidden pocket for sundries. Cost belt-stash in $ 50.


The second knife someone, too, can please, for example, a fan of desperate survival in any conditions. Sandvik Steel Knife With Fire Steel Insert — knife from the Swedish company Mora. Inside the hilt of this blade hidden equipment of the Swedish army FireSteel. What is it? A strip of alloy of several metals, upon impact, that is something the metal can cause a spark temperature of 3,000° C. Ignites almost anything, so indispensable in a long term campaign. The strip of metal has a limit of up to 3000 uses. The blade is made of chrome-plated steel. Its length is 6.5 inches. Full blade length is 8.5 inches. The set includes a nylon case. The weight of a Sandvik Steel Knife With Fire Steel Insert with cover — 113 grams. Price — $ 30.

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