Fan theories about the fate of Jon snow


In the last Easter week, all wondering what will be the most popular resurrection of a dead man last year. This, of course, about John snow. How is it symbolic to start showing the series in a week, when the Orthodox world celebrates the resurrection of their Savior.

And, it seems, is not the fact that he did rise again, as in the river Jordan it was not included, the sins of men on not take and the son of God is not, but all waiting, all believe. Why else showed his corpse in the first episode of season 6? For coherence new story? May not be so simple, John has to rise. He had to die, because in his veins flows the blood of the Starks and is a family unconsciously follows the path of suffering, they are born for suffering and a painful death. But the show without snow all the same without Tyrion. So consider all the options his reincarnation.

Moved the mind of the direwolf

While only the cutest, in the author’s opinion, representative of the glorious family of the warden of the North bran stark – have demonstrated the ability to penetrate the consciousness of other living foolish, but wildly cute creatures, like the direwolf and Hodor. However, all of the stark children manifest an innate ability to control their lutovac. And here: nasty penetration in the flesh of several knives and swords broke down the barrier between dog and snow, and running around in the vastness of Westeros direwolf kindly offered the mind and soul remains Jon snow his body. And where to move, if not the body of the only loyal creatures. Physically, it is decomposed, and in fact – marks the territory. Not the most pleasant resurrection of the hero, but what can you do.

Snow Rose. Version 2

Lover to show your Tits to the first comer and cross – lady Melisandre – graceful escaped from the camp of Stannis Baratheon after the army ahrenela from the game in Giordano Bruno with his daughter. Back yourself lady in Black the lock, removed the necklace, showed the true nature and at what level really is her chest. And then how to live? After all of the disappointments in the harsh men with the onion knights at hand? We need to continue to serve the God of Fire, wait for the revival of the ancient hero Azor Moaning and convince others that it’s not a dream, not a delusion or anything like that here. He’s not fictional and not weird, just a guy with a sword Radiant. Not like the seven Gods, not like the Old gods, just a guy with a fiery Paradise – Azor Moaning.

In «Dance with dragons» Melisandre tried to use her gift of clairvoyance to know what’s going on with Azora Gasp, which at the time was considered to be Stannis, but instead saw in the fire Jon snow. Since then, many believe that the ancient hero, who on the day after the long summer, when Shine red star, will be reborn among salt and smoke for the final battle with the evil and take from the fire a burning sword Luminous, materialized with the ever-sad face of John.

Snow Rose. Version 3

Another popular theory is that snow is actually a bastard of ned stark, and the fruit of love Lianna stark and Rhaegar Targaryen. Indeed, the mother of John nothing is known, but he is definitely born during the rebellion Baratheon’s war, which toppled the Targaryen family. This is a sad and tragic history: lyanna was in love with Prince Rhaegar Targaryen, and, in fact, the uprising as the Trojan war was provoked by the lady who left home with the beloved and hid in the Tower of joy.

Lyanna stark died on «bloody bed» that can be interpreted as bleeding from the birth (and can be as and injured during the storming of the Tower of Joy). Before her death, she took of Eddard some promise: «Promise me, Ned», perhaps to hide the son of Rhaegar, giving him as a son of ned? Besides sitting in prison before his execution, Ned regret that much not told John. Again, what is? If your mother is just a peasant, then why hide it?

Besides, after the battle of Tower of Joy was destroyed. Why break the building? Apparently to conceal the crime.

That is another reason to believe in this theory. In the visions Daenerys in the house of the undying there is a flower on the Wall: «the ice wall rose blue flower, filling the air with its fragrance.» This vision associated with John snow. At the same time, the blue winter roses were her favorite colors Lianna, and the wreath from these flowers was presented to Leanne by Rhaegar, that’s why supporters believe this version is true. And this, as if by accident, a sword with valimiskogu steel…

And now to the main point. Men of the Night’s watch were not usually burn snow after the murder, that he did not become a vampire. Strange… Maybe it’s because the fire could give him a magical rebirth, much like Daenerys, who came with her eggs in a fire and after Drogo died? The entire first series of John had lain first in the snow, then in the hands of Davos Seaworth, and then on the wooden floor. But maybe it still will burn, and the heir-the dragon will find new strength?

Snow will turn into a white Walker


And of course, the most common version. We all remember the long and deep look, which was as long as eternity, between the leader of the White Walkers, known as the King of the Night, and our John. Many believe that it implies some kind of unity between the brash brother of the Night’s Watch and the last Lord Commander of the same watch.

In the end, this is the easiest way to resurrect a favorite character, and given the ability of the King of the Night to bring back the dead with one wave of the hand, for it would not be difficult to raise any bastard.

It will resurrect Beric, Dondarrion

We all remember the glorious «Red wedding» where the proud family the Starks went not to the Old gods, not Seven. But in the book Catelyn stark was resurrected in the face of a living corpse under a new name Heartless. Her body picked up by the Brotherhood without banners – the same, which is headed by Berik, Dondarrion, another fan of fire deities. Well, the guy who knows how to rise from the dead even after being wounded with an axe. Berwick breathed the flame of life disfigured by corruption and a family of Freya the corpse of Caitlin, then finally died. And Caitlin with unhealed scar on the neck that prevents her from speaking, and W crisscrossing the land. But in the series of such are not shown. Maybe instead of a stepmother, Beric breathes life John?

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