Famous watch Luch: in the Soviet era portal

manygoodtips.com_7.05.2015_E4XpAasEguCtEAs we know, smartphone is a smartphone, but the guy without a clock anywhere. It not only allows you to keep touch with reality, but, like any accessory, shape the style of modern men. The most important thing is to deal with it.

One of the most reliable and surest ways to keep the style classic. Offer this time to pay attention to how he came across the expanses of the Soviet Union, the good Lord, or rather, comrades, and how it looks now. As the most vivid example we have selected the most fruitful brand post-Soviet era Luch.


The history of the famous brand «Ray» starts with the name of the Minsk watch plant, which to this day produces new models. The plant itself was built in Minsk in 1955 and within ten years came off the Assembly line the first samples of watches «Luch». In addition to this brand, the factory produced watches and from other companies, but «Ray» has gained the most popularity and recognition among all graduates of Belarusian enterprises. Given the great competition in the manufacture of watches throughout the Soviet Union, the success of «Ray» was phenomenal, but with the collapse of the Evil Empire came to a serious difficulty, which has repeatedly threatened with plant closures and bankruptcy.


But the factory continued to stay afloat, to officially establish the full import of his watches, and in 2010 the financial stability provided the Swiss company Franck Muller, which has become a major investor in the development of the Minsk watch plant. Currently, hundreds of models of watches «Luch», which are supplied to the import in 15 countries. It is noteworthy that the filling for mechanical watches and sapphire glass are created directly at the plant without outsourcing. The brightest hours of the model range of «Beam» is certainly unusual odnostranichnik.


Odnostranichnik «Ray» is an interesting phenomenon in the modern time world. On the one hand, the hours meet all the standards of popular trend to slow over time. Thus in the design of this model is controlled by elements of the old Soviet school: steel color scheme, durable, securely stitched with thick stitches on the strap, the minimalistic decoration of the dial, where everything is clear and nothing is superfluous.


All this together allows you to touch the long-gone retro style with modern quality of interpretation. This model uses its own equipment made by Minsk watch factory – high precision movement on 15 ruby jewels with shockproof device axis of balance. Duration of a course of hours from complete plant spring is not less than 38 hours.

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