Famous gays against!


Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana seriously quarreled with his associates on the rump by sir Elton John. The cause of the conflict was an interview of famous Italian fashion designers, in which they spoke strongly against adoption of children by same-sex couples. Moreover, infants appeared by in vitro fertilization, they are called «synthetic chemical.» Designers, who are in an employment relationship, stated that «life flows naturally and there are things that cannot be changed».

Elton John, who teaches with her husband David furnish, with two children, could not pass by such statements. Now he calls on all well-known representatives of sexual minorities of Italians to boycott. The protest was joined by Ricky Martin, who also raise children, born through surrogacy. In turn, Dolce and Gabbana demanded to respect their point of view, because «the court in 2015, not the middle Ages.»

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