Famous entrepreneurs who never take no for an answer

Famous entrepreneurs who never take no for an answer

Most likely, each of us has a dream that remains a dream through a banal fear of setbacks and failures. The people about whom you will read below, known around the world, but their path to success was an incredibly difficult and arduous. They fell in pain, but again and again found the strength to rise from his knees and to start all over again. So what is holding you back except your own laziness, to implement their ideas and plans?

1. Walt Disney


Long before «Bambi», «Dalmatians» and «Peter pan» (probably as a child you enjoyed watching these cartoons) was a man, a mouse and a dream. Young Walt was constantly talking about this «cute rodent» will have no success, like its predecessor, Oswald the Rabbit, which fell well short of the financial expectations of the company. The company and MGM Studios openly said that this ugly giant mouse will cause fear among the female audience. But Disney did not depart from his ideas, even when dire need forced him to eat animal food, because there was no money at all. He succeeded, and now this mouse has a star on the Hollywood walk of Fame, brings his copyright holders millions and became a symbol of America along with the statue of Liberty. Mickey is a world celebrity now for the past 86 years. Oh, and the Walt – winner of 29 Oscars, and the founder of a powerful cartoon of the Empire.

2. Oprah Winfrey


Once this living icon of American television and the Queen of Prime-time worked on leading morning talk show, «Says Baltimore,» but was fired due to low ratings transmission, and the editor in chief declared it incompetent to work on TV. Oprah herself says about this episode from his life as «first and worst failure in television career.» To forget this sad story to help her almost $3 billion in a Bank account and the title of one of the most influential women in show business. And, of course, own the movie Studio, magazine, personal cable TV, a site that brings a lot of profit, radio station.

3. Frederick Wallace Smith


Amazing and impenetrable man, who feared neither risk nor failure, no failures. He founded the largest mail company, which provides its services worldwide and has to this day a reputation of reliability and high quality. This man in 15 years, already knew how to fly a plane, giving the stomach a congenital disease, that a child confined him to crutches. In the early 1970s, he risked his entire fortune and brought to life his dream – zip international company «Federal Express». Major airlines have been strategically predisposed to the implementation of new market services, but were afraid of the unknown and the risk of financial loss. Fred suffered one setback after another, but still was able to succeed because his brain was sharpened by the understanding of the word «no», especially when at stake is literally everything.

4. Colonel Sanders


The man whose patience and restlessness helped to become the personification of the fulfillment of the American dream. If you do not know who it is, we recall that the founder of KFC – one of the pillars on which rests the world of fast food. Sanders has created a secret method and recipe of making the famous chicken wings, but before founding his business received more than a thousand failures. Restaurant owners did not believe that the guy from the province really knows how to cook a chicken is better than their current chef. Sanders took matters into their own hands, and, after a time, those arms had held multi-million dollar fortune.

5. Steven Spielberg


Can you imagine that the acclaimed filmmaker who gave us «Jurassic Park,» «Indiana Jones,» «Alien,» «Jaws» and many other masterpiece film, twice was not accepted to film school at the University of southern California with the words: «Too incompetent»? After that, he enrolled in a technical College, but soon dropped it as he decided to go to the end, and began his career as a filmmaker.

6. Michael Jordan


His Airness when he kicked off the high school basketball team, as it saw it no sporting potential. But the coach of the Chicago bulls had more acute eyesight and have relied on this guy and still considered a legend of basketball. Now Michael is the main owner and head of basketball operations of the club, «Charlotte hornets».

7. Stephen King


The great and terrible, a recognized master of horror once worked as an English teacher in Maine to be able to support his family, wrote short stories for Newspapers and magazines for rather nominal fees. When he received an advance of $ 2,500 for his first novel «Carrie», more than 30 publishing houses refused to publish his brainchild. The writer himself considered the novel a slag and dumped it in a bucket, but the manuscript found by his wife and forced to start trying. In 1974 the novel diverges million copies and became a cult, and, since 2011, total sales of books by Stephen king is about 350 million copies.

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