Family guy: remember the story of the series in anticipation of the new series

manygoodtips.com_30.09.2014_Xg6yYvxhMjDBDFor fifteen years, «family guy» Peter Griffin and all family, amuse the audience with crazy antics and provocative humor. The course is everything: religion, politics, culture, slavery, feminism, obesity, disability, themes of sexual orientation, abortion, violence and sex — all that we see from series to series.

By the way, about the series: Russian voice first issue of the new 13th season, is expected in a few days, because the English-language premiere took place recently, namely September 29. A lot of fans who know English, in one voice say that to watch the original voice acting is many times steeper, since the adaptation for our viewers from the series drops a lot of subtle nuances and moments.

The author of the series has already dabbled in the field of animated cinema: before remove family Guy, he worked on such animated projects, «the Life of Larry» (1995) and «Larry & Steve» (1997). They actually became the prototype for Peter and Brian.

Seth MacFarlane described his creation :»Well, I tell you. Family Guy likes to hold a mirror up to society and say «Society, you’re ugly, and we don’t like what you’re doing.» Quite succinct and accurate definition.

At the moment, in addition to the main series, there are also a number of special issues based on a parody of «Star wars» and the Christmas edition. But, as is usual in such projects, the fate is not simple: many cancelled shows, trials and triumphant return to the screen.

Television series created by Seth for broadcaster Fox Broadcasting Company, lasted three seasons, and in 2002 it was closed. But good sales, «family Guy» on DVD and high ratings of shows on Adult Swim prompted the user to renew the show in 2004.

MacFarlane is a big fan of vintage radio shows. With some he was taking names in their episodes, but since they were very dramatic and pathetic, «death has a shadow» and «Mind over murder» that has nothing to do with the plot, after the first four episodes from such titles refused.

With the main characters of the series is familiar to anyone who has ever turned on the TV or wool Internet. Even if you have not watched a single episode, the Internet is full of memes with these characters, so that the person you know.

Don’t waste time on the description of the inner world of each family member family Guy. Better to read about the interesting facts and events that are associated with this series.

  • to create one episode, you need 2 million dollars and 10 months of work, because the cartoon is drawn by hand;
  • the voice of Chris is based on a conversational tone of serial killer Buffalo bill from «Silence of the lambs»;
  • pimply and zashugannyh Meg is voiced by super hot Mila kunis;
  • the series is banned in Indonesia, Taiwan, Iran, Vietnam, Egypt, South Korea, South Africa, Malaysia.
  • Seth MacFarlane had a ticket for flight that crashed into the twin towers on September 11, but he did not fly, as it missed the plane for 10 minutes;
  • the premiere of the first episode of «family Guy» was held on 31 January 1999. The show gathered at the screens of 20 million viewers;
  • the show was nominated 16 times for the Prime time Emmy award(winning four times) and 11 times for the award «Annie» (won three). In 2009 he was nominated for the award «Emmy» in the category «Best Comedy series»;
  • «Family guy» has repeatedly been called a cult series, at the same time, it is often subjected to negative criticism, including for their similarity to «the Simpsons»;
  • Seth MacFarlane voices three of the main characters: Peter Griffin, Brian Griffin and Stewie Griffin;
  • in the series the technique used is the so-called «brezocnik» humor. For one episode can be an average of seven or eight frames, most of which has nothing to do with the plot;
  • the show became very popular and took first place in the list of the most popular search queries on the website Hulu in 2009. The editors of the famous magazine Empire said that one of the reasons why she loves this series, — «in him nothing is sacred»;
  • in June 2002, the Moscow lawyer and human rights activist Igor Smykov sued the channel «REN TV» to demand the termination of the broadcast of animated series «the Simpsons» and «family Guy» or, at least, postpone the show for the evening. He also demanded a compensation of 50 000 rubles (in the end, the amount was increased to 300 thousand). Smykov claimed that after watching the show his six year old son asked what «cocaine» and «Orgy». And after this he was reprimanded, he called his mother a «toad»;
  • Peter made several appearances in the animated series «the Simpsons» in the episode where Homer Simpson with a magic hammock begins to create an army of clones, among them there is Peter Griffin, and in a series where the Simpsons go to Italy. Both appearance are hints of plagiarism the main character of the Simpsons;
  • Brian breed — the Labrador Retriever. 19 Oct 2006 came the comic book «family Guy: Brian’s Guide to drinking, seducing girls, and the lost art of being a Man»;
  • each family member of the Griffin family, soaked in the clothes of the opposite sex;
  • the main mafia «Fat Paulie» from family Guy is a parody character simanovskogo «Fat Tony».
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