Fall off roofs and survive

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Well, of course, man, to you never happened, but if it happened, but screaming won’t help, but if you do as written below, it can be released not only great fear and serious injuries, but will survive.

1. To regroup

It is important to regroup — this will tell you any stuntman. If you are flying a «soldier», raise and squeeze your knees to your chest and close the top by hand. Try to land on the feet and buttocks. Of course, your pelvis will hurt, but the head and spine will remain intact, and this will agree, is much more important.

2. Fall flat

Fall back down — a top skill. Instead of trying to surprise the pathologist, it is better to tell the story of their heroic fall of the grandchildren, and for this you should try to fall down. During the flight, with your arms and legs apart and gently get them back. Thus you will hit the ground first hand, and then back. This is going to save the spinal cord and the head.

3. Relax

It does not matter how ridiculous it sounded, but try during the flight to relax. Clearly, this is difficult: you feel, perhaps, the biggest stress in my life, and every muscle tense. But, unfortunately, strained muscle fibers are torn much easier than relaxed. Perhaps that is why drunks are usually more likely to survive the accident and other life-threatening situations. So if you’re sober fell off the roof, during the flight, try to imagine yourself a light fluff, read the mantra, relax, and… you a soft landing, dude.

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