Facts about penis you didn’t know


The amount of semen released during ejaculation in humans is about 2-4 ml is Not very much, isn’t it? But the number of sperm in the semen volume varies from 120 to 600 million. However, the main factor determining their «effectiveness», is their quality, not quantity.



All mammals the largest member of is a blue whale — its length is 170 cm and weighs 70 kg. In full alert on this would be five meters and weighed 450 kg! By the way, this is a huge advantage you can see in the Icelandic filologicheskom the Museum.



The structure of the human member, I hope, is not for your secret is during erection it like a sponge fills with blood, swells and hardens. However, for most mammals the key to the hardness of the member is inside the bone. Even our closest species relatives — chimpanzees and gorillas — in member has a bone.



You really can’t control. Erection occurs thanks to the activity of the brain, spinal cord, i.e. the control is not available to your conscious mind. Unless you’re some pumped a lot yogi.



Contrary to popular belief, there is no relationship between penis size and foot length, finger or size of the nose. Such cases.



And a little bit about the sizes: length measurement of the penis should be the man standing directly, the overlay line on top of a fully erect penis, the width is measured in several places, and then calculate the average value. Only with this approach, your parameters will be of interest to British scientists.



At the moment the owner of the large penis is considered a Jonah Falcon is an American actor and showman, the size of the penis which was 34.5 cm.


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