Facts about money that will surprise you


Before you 23 facts about this inevitable and important thing as money, and, in principle, on the material side of life. Some things will surprise you, some will seem tedious, and some of you want to argue, but from a statistical point of view everything objectively.

Why have we done this? So you once again thinking about the place of money in your life, learned or simply picked up facts that can be inappropriate to insert during the interview.

Money can’t buy happiness the one who does not know what he wants. Money will not indicate the purpose of the one who chooses its path with his eyes closed. Money cannot buy the mind of a fool, honor — Brock, the respect of the layman. If you try using the money to surround yourself with those who are above and smarter than you in order to gain prestige in the end will fall victim to those below.

– Ayn Rand


Offended ladies do not believe it, but we fantasize a lot more about money than about sex.


If we were offered a choice of a lot of money or possessions of any great wisdom or talent, most of us would prefer to spend money on a Butler, a maid and expensive cars.




Over 10,000,000 rubles most of us are willing to do almost anything! Including to abandon family and friends. A very high percentage of us for the same amount of money ready to commit murder or publicly humiliated. Perhaps the plan is that with a round sum can then erase their shame and to pay off. A considerable sum of money, but will have to spend money fairly. The question is, why settle?

It’s simple: the magic of the six zeros and the inability to soberly look at their abilities. What’s even more offensive that the same thing someone is willing to do it for 3,000,000. Everything is decided by zeros.


92% of us agreed rather to be rich than find the love of your life. Apparently hoping to find love for money that arhiglupo.




If you find yourself in Japan and you’ll get money from the ATM Hitachi, you can be assured it will be much less bacteria than domestic. Just between rollers of the banknote there are extremely high temperatures which kill germs, living in abundance on the money. Fun fact.


Almost half of people who sell their homes with the furniture, Unscrew all light bulbs from lamps before you vacate the premises.


Most people won’t even bend over to pick up two of the ruble, which lie on the ground. But for the sake of a fiver I will show wonders gymnastics.




In total there are about 405 billion dollars in circulation. Only 32 million of this amount is a forgery. This means that the share of counterfeit money 0,0079%. This files most often counterfeited banknotes in denominations of $20 to $100.


Let’s flip the coin and try to guess what will fall out: «heads» or «tails». Three times more people bet on heads. But the statistics of the fallout, unfortunately, no.


In our country, the lotteries have cooled, but abroad, with their giant lottery jackpots, as before, believe in easy money. If you take the world statistics, every fifth believes the lottery the best way to get rich. Particularly pleased with their positive: 74% of people buying a ticket, do not think about their chances of winning (indeed, what about such trifles think), and just how much they will win.

And the organizers of such blind faith only greedily rubbing their hands maliciously smiling, as the chance of winning the jackpot are 10 million to one. By the way, the chances of dying on the way to do the lottery three times higher probability to hit the jackpot.




That’s what’s really important: 63% decided not to buy the product that is advertised on the Internet, because it is believed that shipping, handling and fees will make the item very expensive.


While these statistics are pleasing. Already eight times more people who prefer ATMs than people who are more comfortable with the cashier. The future has arrived.


It was a bribe.field.ua_27.09.2016_7tQIlGO4K91DI


Two-thirds of people claim that did not allow their wives to spend the night and have sex with another man for a million. But on the other hand, we all know the magic of paper bag with money, which is one of its kind able to convince people.


The average wedding in the country costs about 500,000 rubles, if It is to call the master of ceremonies, relatives and friends, which can’t hurt. Now think: it is necessary to you or is it better to fly the next day in a hot country.

And by the way, according to statistics, every wedding occur on average one or two empty envelope.


More than one third of women believe that money is much more important to marriage than good sex. Tellingly, the majority of respondents — married women. Sex is disappointing, gentlemen.




People prefer to sex dreary discount shopping. To a greater extent this applies to women, but the key word here is «greater» men have this fate too did not avoid.


And then we have something? More often we think about the financial side of relations, namely that if we could buy her, not about what we could do for her.

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