facts about fitness that you didn’t know

Today we will tell you not boring information about how to eat, how far to run and how much to raise — say, already tired of the order? Better enjoy interesting and fun facts that can not only entertain you, but also bring you profit. In the end, training is also interesting.

1. If you watch porn before strength training will become stronger

Right before training you can go to one or other porn site and spend the heart of this sweet thing a few minutes. By the way, you will combine business with pleasure: a recent study showed that watching a four-minute scenes before the lifting of the iron increases the content of testosterone in the blood, thus making you stronger.

2. You can practice on 15% more efficiently with music

Any runner will tell you the same thing, and recently this truth became a scientifically proven fact. When running with music in my ears, less to think about, which overcame the distance and what do you want, and the process is faster and more enjoyable. To the gym also can take the player and headphones they make you look stupid, like the people in the bus include music from the speaker phone.

3. To quit Smoking, the tougher half

This fact was established in the course of one American study. Many dudes trying to quit the habit. So instead, she got something useful, you can start running or lift weights: this lesson will be of much use.

4. Fractional power is no better than standard meals

I’ve been waiting for this moment and now it has finally come! In Canada, the same research has shown that smaller meals are in no way accelerates the metabolism and helps you lose weight. If you found yourself an excuse for a snack, know that it is no longer valid!

5. For one meal to digest 100 or more grams of protein

I guess this item would have rejoiced some Jock just as I was glad the previous. Remember, you told that for one meal to digest 20-30 grams of protein? The Americans kept up here, finding that for once you can contrive to learn as much as one hundred grams! I hope that someone is glad. Now he can eat and grow. Cheers.

6. Hunger helps fight cancer

Intermittent fasting is great, we have been told. Another reason for this is the fact that hunger does not grow cancer cells. Now you work on your appearance and the health at the same time. One big advantage!

7. When you exercise on an empty stomach, in the muscles, more protein is synthesized

On most websites for the muscle you would surely say that if you train on an empty stomach, your muscles will deflate, your head will spin and you will die. Nothing of the sort. The Americans managed to prove that training on an empty stomach useful. If you don’t eat before cardio, then after it is easier to recover. Logical: who runs in the morning, he understands that on an empty stomach bugaetsa better.

8. First, cardio, then strength exercises

Another holivar allowed: now you don’t have to wonder what to do first and what later. Half an hour of light cardio and then strength training — how to raise testosterone levels. If you do in the other order, the effect will not be so steep.

9. Cap for thrust

It turns out that Capa makes lifting weights more than effective: the movements get more intense. It is not entirely clear what the cause of this relationship. Perhaps the fact that the blood in my head starts to circulate more and thus increases the activity of the brain. As a result, he is better able to respond and regulate the work of muscles. And the men did not know!

10. Alcohol reduces testosterone levels by 6.8 percent

Will end on an optimistic note. Never miss a chance to once again poke our noses in what we drink: the alcohol, they say, and there is harmful, and there are harmful and no benefits from it. Now researchers and athletes know with certainty that alcohol lowers testosterone levels only slightly: if you drink 30-40 grams of alcohol per day, the testosterone level will fall by only 6.8 percent. But those who drink every day?

A good and interesting workout, man!

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