Facial vegetation, which you should try to grow in November

Facial vegetation, which you should try to grow in November

As you know, the whole world in November, raising a beard. Of all the mass of ideas that have taken over the world lately, this idea I like more. First, it is a kind of challenge. Second, the beard to grow is very, very cool, I agree! The beard is something that can change your appearance and make you more courageous. Or just disfigure you and ruin your relationships. Here are objective reasons why in November is to grow a beard, and here we have an article about the face the vegetation that you grow.

1. Chevron


In the mid-twentieth century the moustache was considered almost a benchmark of courage, but in the ‘ 80s fell out of favor and is now practically forgotten. In spite of that, some dudes really are such a moustache. Their main feature: wide and thick accumulation of hair on the upper lip.

2. Given


Dali’s mustache return to the era of beatniks and some strange people who have twisted their facial hair in the string and curled at the ends. The moustache will not only give you some resemblance to a cockroach, but knowledgeable people will remind you of a good artist. For work in any creative team is perfect for you. Especially if you communicate with the clients and customers. Even the most dry and dark man understand that you’re a creative person

3. English


Wide as the Chevron, but it curled on the end and slightly up. It seems that they are a little to distract you when you’re answering the phone. However, they look pretty cool, assuming of course that you declared them correctly. And they make you look like a villain from a movie 20 years. So, dumb.

4. The wheel


No less famous, although not used as often as Chevron. Mustache thicker and fluffy. To achieve the perfect curls, use a wax. Mustache look less inappropriate for men over 50 years old, but the mustache can let you circumvent the dress code in the office, regardless of its severity.

5. Fu Manchu


For such a beard enough to get the hair on the upper lip of the industry of sufficient length so they can be curled and left to hang around on the sides of the lips. The disadvantage is that you need to carefully trim the areas around antennae and the barbs at the bottom. In addition, it is unlikely that such vegetation suitable for office work and where there is a strict dress code. It is not designed for everyday wear, to grow it in a month is unrealistic. But it looks pretty cool.

6. Horseshoe


Some confuse it with the Fu Manchu, although the difference is obvious. In fact it is just a goatee without a mustache. She is a real favorite among bikers and some singers. Hulk Hogan, for example, wore this for a very long time. Fit dudes with pronounced cheekbones and a long sharp face. And yet it is a little distracting from premature baldness.

7. Imperial


Strange design of the mustache, which does not smoothly into the sideburns. In the nineteenth century, and among the re-enactors will look really cool! In real life grow and you can wear it when you are over 35 years old. This will give you a certain solidity, but, alas, not everyone will understand.

8. Lampshade


Flat trimmed top, medium thickness stripe on the upper lip. This facial vegetation is easy to grow, but a fairly decent amount of people perceive the moustache like a porn mustache or a creeper. And it’s still pretty soft statements about these antennae.

9. The artist’s brush


For some bro is a chic, elegant and easily controlled moustache. For other dudes it’s watery tendrils of the virgin. It all depends on how densely you grow the hair. Gaps in a beard meaningless, even though it’s sparse mustache. They are good bows her mouth over the entire width. In addition, they are fairly easy to grow for a month, and then slightly adjusted. Suitable for people older than 28.

10. Pencil


Thin, short, and closely trimmed mustache pencil time to grow back in a month and require little care in the form of vyshivaniya individual hairs of your «mouth brow», which is beaten out from the General line. This style is rarely used these days, but as far as I can tell, if you dress in a suit and tie every day, there’s no reason why you can’t grow. By the way, some bro specially your mustache down with a pencil to underline the lines. If you do not blue-black hair, it will look not very.

11. Toothbrush


Although Hitler singlehandedly killed this style, we forget that the owner of such whiskers was an old Chaplin. By the way, a young Walt Disney wore such an antenna in 20 years. But it is not necessary to follow his example, for obvious reasons. People more often referred to Hitler than Chaplin. Alas.

12. Walrus


If you want to look like Teddy Roosevelt or Sam Elliot to get a beard. But you need to understand that the beard should be thick enough, otherwise it would be complete bullshit.

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