Facebook in the center of the scandal: How a birthday party turned into riots

Perhaps few people do not know about the existence of «Events» in the social network Facebook. With this tool you can instantly invite all your friends Bro for gatherings, parties, concerts, and other events. So I decided to invite friends on their birthday and 15-year-old resident Haren, the Netherlands, on behalf of Merten, Vestas (Merthe Weusthuis). Forgetting to mention that this event is «private», she, herself without knowing it, organized the riots with the participation of several thousand teenagers Bro. They drank alcohol, burned cars, looted shops and resisted the police action. The event was held under the guise of Project X Haren, by analogy with the youth Comedy Project X (in the Russian hire — «Project X: Dorval»).

By the way, the «potential guests» of the event were more than 20 000 people, exceeding the population of the Haren for a couple of thousand. However, the action Project Clean-X Haren has collected even more «potential volunteers».

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