Facebook does not pay taxes

In the UK, again a scandal. In 2011 the company paid a total of 238 thousand pounds of tax, while its revenue amounted to 175 million pounds, and the average annual income of employees of the British division of Facebook is 270 thousand pounds.

To bypass British Corporation tax Facebook draws the majority of transactions with its British advertisers in the territory of Ireland. The behavior of management that is constantly complaining about the dire economic situation of the company and that «nobody wants to register» cannot be called nothing but hypocritical. The behavior of management is the largest social network in the world, which constantly complains of the difficult economic situation of the company, can only be described as hypocritical.

However the scheme, which is suddenly impoverished Facebook to avoid paying the full amount of taxes is far from unique. It is widely used by several other companies engaged in the fields of online marketing and Commerce.

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