Extreme sports, which you probably didn’t know

Order.kom.ua_7.11.2014_WoSzfdhlYV8vYIn the summer of 1995 held the first world extreme games – X Games, and it gave a huge boost to the popularization of extreme sports at the international level. Surfing, rock climbing, skateboarding, etc. was raised to the rank of sports. The advent of GoPro cameras really tore the roof off extremelylow that tons of steel to fill your videos to various video hosting. But today it will not go from mainstream topics, let’s talk about a little weird, but still extreme sports.

1. Skysurfing


If you can surf on the street, in the sea, in an empty pool or online, why not do it in the air? Skysurfing was invented in the 80-ies, when a French skydiver jewel, Cruciani made the first parachute jump, doing incredible stunts in the air, standing on the Board in the pose of a surfer. This extreme sport was presented at the X-Games (x-games) only in the 90s, but immediately earned the title of one of the most high-speed sports.

2. Cyclocross

Ride among the tons of dirt, the roots of trees, sand, all kinds of structures and obstacles. Usually athletes need to do a couple of laps, sitting on the bike special design, and not just to get away with minimal injuries, but also try to win.

3. Luge

Paradi.com.ua_7.11.2014_AUCWB0sNtdu2jPredominantly a winter sport, which was included in the Olympic program and is a sled racing downhill specially designed track. Unlike its winter, more safe fellow Luge on asphalt is considered to be more intense and traumatic.

4. Rugby on wheels, or Murderball

manygoodtips.com_7.11.2014_XReWVbhkqw0aURelatively young Paralympic sport, which originates in Canada. The basic philosophy of athletes goes something like this: «If you lost your legs, playing Rugby, of course, you can quit sports. And unable to continue, realizing that you will never lose». About these athletes has made this wonderful documentary called «the Fatal game», which can wow you shake and slap his face: «Hey, man, you again cast? I agree, it’s a problem.»

5. Jai-Alai


Jai-Alai is a hybrid of handball and badminton, which is played either alone, or in pairs. You need to throw the ball into the enemy gate, wielding a racket that is similar to the mutated dipper, and to repel the same or in the air or after the first bounce, a lot of the wall. When the media called the sport the fastest in the world. Apparently, Formula 1 they do not consider sports.

6. Chessboxing

There is a perception that chess players are not very good at Boxing, and most fighters are unlikely to thrive in chess. But now there is a sport where athletes compete in the power of the body and in the power of the mind. The battle for the chessboxing officially held since 2003. The point is that you need to hold eleven rounds, first chess and then Boxing in the ring.

7. Flights skiing

Surely you know about jumping, and know about the sport called «Flying ski»? He takes his official place in the competition calendar of the International ski Federation, and, in fact, it’s the same, only there is a difference. Huge difference: a record dive made 246,5 m.

8. Extreme Ironing


The meaning of this amazing sport is that you need to iron your clothes in the most incredible extreme conditions: from the roof of the car before the flight in the air.

9. Ice Canoeing

Traditional canadian sport, which is an integral part of the traditional winter festival. The competition rules are quite simple: the team that will manage to cross back and forth the river St. Lawrence near the town of Levi, pushing the boat, is the winner.

10. Paging

A great sport for those who still can’t say goodbye to childhood. The essence of paging is to perform breathtaking stunts with the help of special simulator Pogo Stick. It is a relatively young extreme sport. The first competitions of international level, called «Pogopalooza» was held in 2004.

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