Extra-light Burger

Burgers – the food of the gods, who could care less about your weight and health. They are rich, they are delicious, and they, according to many, harmful. Normal that we score at their health, relying on the strength of the body and, in particular, of the stomach. But today manygoodtips.com decided to help the dudes who have to follow a diet, and there are many.

As a rule, diet for man is not the pursuit of beautiful form, as necessity, which is associated with our health. Many have to deny yourself cool and tasty things to heal. And burgers too. But this is not the case! A hamburger can be diet, it can minimize your cholesterol and stroke, however, very tasty. This recipe is especially for those who love to eat and not to harm your health. Only 255 calories per serving. In General, you’re welcome!


– cooking spray;

– half a small onion;

– 100 g mushrooms;

– 250 g low-calorie of meat;

– 2 teaspoons of finely chopped thyme;

– sea salt;

– black pepper;

– a small piece of lettuce;

– 4-5 cherry tomatoes;

– a third of a cucumber.


1. First make a cooking spray. This sort of thing, which contains olive oil. It was created in order to reduce the amount of fat. The onset time of such a spray should not exceed one third of a second. This useful kitchen thing can do it yourself. For this it is sufficient to mix water and oil in equal proportions and pour into a spray bottle. That’s the whole cooking spray.

2. Take a small frying pan. Apply to it the butter with a cooking spray. Finely cut onions, mushrooms too. Cook them for 5 minutes on medium heat, stirring regularly. After put onions and mushrooms in a heatproof bowl and let them cool.

3. Now for the meat. Mix well the mince, thyme, salt and a lot pepper (to spare). Make stuffing two goals, and then hold that they formed the shape of a regular Burger patties. The thickness should be about 2 inches.

4. Return to the pan. Again apply butter on it. Throw your patties and fry for 10 minutes, turning occasionally. The outside needs to appear nice brown color.

5. Serve Burger with lettuce, tomatoes and cucumber. No bread, man!

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