Exposing century: what women want

what women wantRecently, at our website there was a post called «What changed from the beginning of a serious relationship.» I have a short and at the same time, comprehensive answer: yourself. I noticed that the relationship with my girlfriend changed me so much that I revised my whole concept about the nature of men and women. Often in all sorts of relationship advice is «we» (in our case men) and «they» (i.e. women). We are opposed to each other, telling us about the differences between «us» and «them,» but you know what? Not so much. Moreover, this theme just want me to give you some valuable advice. Every time you want to think about the differences, it is better to think about the similarities. It is useful, not only in the context of a relationship, although it, too: women are little different from us and want an absolutely plain and simple things.

Women want to have sex. As it should, with the primitive passion and frenzy that the buttons came off the clothes. They like it as much as we do. In some cases it is quite normal to think not the head — and no one will love you for this curse. Women don’t want from you, and the mother, they do not need your rejection of your own body, they don’t want your intimacy issues. When you refuse to have sex with her, she’s not thinking: «Oh, it complexes and belly big» — she thinks you just don’t want to. She doesn’t need to be treated like a prostitute, like a little girl and how with a Lovely Lady. You’re a man, she’s a woman, so with her and ask.

Women want us to care about their appearance. Women appreciate cleanliness, good grooming and quality clothing for you. However, they do not want you to become a narcissist, because narcissism is boring. If you give them a choice between a man with a small belly and a man with a perfect body who wants to go on the gym, they will choose the first. Women don’t want to wait in bed until we finish the last set of pushups. They absolutely do not want you refused to go with them into restaurants and cafes because eating one protein, washing it down with spring water and sniffing the Alpine air. They don’t want you every fifteen minutes, throwing a glance in the mirror, appreciating how you got your hair. Women love measure.

Women want us to love football. Or basketball. Or volleyball. Any sport that will keep us in shape. Your friend the pleasure of one understanding that you’re male and you’re amongst other males — what are you doing there together. Women want us collecting furniture, drinking beer and pumping iron and preparing kebabs. It’s a man thing! However, they do not want this to be our only hobby. Girlfriends want, so we watched a movie, listened to music, read books and could sit with her by the sea in the West, drinking champagne. They want us in somewhat understood and was the coolest.

Women don’t want to wait in bed until we finish the last set of pushups. They absolutely do not want you refused to go with them into restaurants and cafes because eating one protein, washing it down with spring water and sniffing the Alpine air.Women want a man lived in the moment of relationship. They do not want to be hurried and forced. Girlfriends don’t appreciate when you start talking about the future after three visits and two weeks later just saying I love you. They are not interested in hasty promises that you will keep, and premature commitment. Her friends need to go by itself, slowly, steadily, that they understand what you have already achieved and what moving. When the time is right, they would need to be the man was able to talk about the future and not to panic. It will be nice when after years of marriage, when she would pour you some coffee, you start talking about starting with: «When we get married…» or «When we have a baby…» — these words came out of your mouth. All in good time, including obligations. Over time they begin to seem something nice, and not moving us inevitably.

Women want a funny man. They want to he could not go to sleep and later in the evening was easy going to go to a nearby bar to garabote of tequila. They want to sweat with us in the concerts of favorite bands and accidentally spill a beer on us while dancing. They do not need the old grumblers who like to sit at home and shout if suddenly the friend wanted to take my shoes off and dance barefoot. They want adventure, and these adventures they want to share with us. However, they would not like it if you go to parties every day.

Women want a man who doesn’t need a mother. At the same time, they like it when with your mom you’re sweet and friendly. They want a man who is able to wash dishes and cook. However, they do not need character-a stoic, who can get used to any conditions, or the dude who always tries to improve, fix and repair. They want to support us and take care of us. And to thank us for our super important and complex cases.

Women appreciate charm. Man, are polite to strangers and kind to his friends, relaxed with the conversation with her mother about how the tomatoes do not tolerate frost, — that is the dream of every girl. They do not need any loudmouthed fool, neither an exhibitionist, nor nerdy. They want the guy who blends into society and is able to interact with him.

And finally, they want you at least sometimes paid the bill — not because it helps you to feel the size of a member, but because you just want to please a woman. They like to receive gifts on birthday, and flowers. One more thing: women do not need to spend a lot, the main thing for them is attention. And most important: they want the man was their best friend. Friends care about each other and respect each other. If friends don’t help each other — who will help?

Well? In my opinion, is not very different from our needs. Normal, adequate people, these women.

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