Explain what a netbook different from a laptop clearly

Laptop — a good thing, almost indispensable. Very nice to have a computer wherever you went. However, there are challenges: deciding to buy a laptop, you’re inevitably faced with a choice, what is better netbook or laptop. It would seem, what to think? The words sound very similar, and they are almost one — but they have something different. Today we will talk about what the differences of a netbook from a laptop. Not so much, but they are quite substantial. Moreover, just these moments can be decisive in the choice of laptop.

So, on the laptop we all know that he weighs about 1-4 kg; has CD/DVD/Blu-Ray drive and a screen size of 12-17 inches.

Moreover, modern laptops are powerful enough. They support images, audio and video editors, they can watch movies and listen to music (well, listening to… well, to hear). That is quite a full-fledged portable desktop substitute. And what we will enjoy netbook?

what distinguishes a netbook from a laptop

The favorably netbook from the laptop

First, the netbook is lighter than a notebook: it weighs only about 1 kg, that is to carry it with you much easier than dragging in a special briefcase or backpack full laptop.

Secondly, netbooks are very, very different size: the screen size ranges from 5 to 12 inches. It is also very functional: for a netbook don’t need a special bag or case, it can be put into all the other things into a backpack or bag and you fit in there with everything else.

Thirdly, netbooks hold a charge longer than their older brothers. The average netbook can run without connection to a power source in an average of 5-7 hours, and it is about 2 hours longer than the battery life of the laptop.

Fourth, the netbooks are created to be quite functional with minimal performance, so they are much, MUCH cheaper laptops.

Guidelines for working on a netbook

A netbook is a delicate matter. So it was cheaper, its design provides the minimum configuration. So, netbooks do not have CD/DVD drives, so if you’re planning to use the drive, think about the alternative. For example, rewrite the necessary information on a flash drive or bought for such cases an external drive.

In addition, the processor of the netbook is different from the processors of other computers in such small laptops use the mobile version of the processor, which has a lower frequency, slower heats and consumes less energy. It can be written in pros and cons of the machine. On the one hand, so you can work longer without being connected to the energy source. On the other hand, one should not expect that this guy will be very agile. Anyway, what sane person would think to turn on the netbook at the same time photoshop, Corel draw and video player? Just use it, like all things in the world, by appointment.

In principle, on a netbook you can watch movies and listen to music: technical characteristics allow it. Another thing, as far as is comfortable. If you listen to music on headphones, not speakers, the result is quite good — the same applies to audio view video. But the size of the image on a small screen does not adjust — only have to put up with. On the other hand, it’s nice to be able to watch videos where ever you are.

Another feature of the netbook — resolution. Netbook called netbook, because it’s designed for the Internet. However, in the name already contains a contradiction: ordinary resolution Internet sites is 1024 by 768 pixels, while most netbooks is 1024×600. As a result, some sites may appear in the wrong form. Does this not particularly cope: cool yourself down.

And yet netbooks small keyboard. How comfortable is it, everyone decides for himself. Someone typing on a small keyboard is comfortable, some not so: there is already you won’t know until you try. But there are some models with a full — size keyboard- especially for those who standard keyboard netbooks a burden. You have a choice, man.

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