Expensive and faster

At all times people appreciated the speed of your vehicle. For swift-footed and beautiful Arabian horses gave money, able to feed the town. In our day nothing has changed, only horses are even faster, and instead of horse blood pulsing within them the oil and petrol. And they cost many times more. Some of us more than our house. But our open spaces are the Dodgers, who can afford such a car. So let’s at least throw enviously-admiring gaze on the fast cars that you can buy this year.

1. Nissan 370Z

Price: $29,990

How fast? It will be a real hit! 100 km/h in 4.9 seconds, and its real power can be more than to feel on the turns.

2. Hyundai Genesis Coupe

Price: $26,950

How fast? 100 km/h in some miserable 5.2 seconds. Not bad for not associated with the rate of Korean, which is the same as Mazda.

3. Chevrolet Camaro SS

Price: $37,295

How fast? If you take full advantage of your car, its management and tremendous traction, 100 km/h can be achieved in 4 seconds. A few years ago many supercars could only dream about.

4. Dodge Challenger Scat Pack

Price: $37,995

How fast? From zero to 100 in just 4.2 seconds. A coach can seem quite heavy for a sports car, but obscenely large V8 under the hood does wonders.

5. Mercedes-Benz CLA45 AMG

Price: $49,500

How fast? Four-wheel drive, seven-speed transmission with double clutch helps the horse to accelerate to a hundred in 4.1 seconds. But the main «Goodies» of a car is raised the suspension and its graceful cornering.

6. Audi S3

Price: $42,500

How fast? Suffice it to say that hundreds of 4.4 seconds – robust design for the baby «Audi», even such high-performance. Indicators on a par with BMW, for which the request is $50,000.

7. Alfa Romeo 4C

Price: $55,900

How fast? Technically 100 km/h is achieved in just 4.1 seconds, but the reality is slightly faster due to the settings of the engine. Plus the car is so light… and so low… that you feel like you are in the kart, while the world spins past you.

8. Corvette Stingray

Price: $55,400

How fast? For anybody not a secret that the Corvette has long been the road superstar, but with 3.7 seconds seem magical, slightly unreal, and however unnecessary. Still everyone will say that the model of 30 years ago better.

9. Dodge Charger Hellcat


How fast? If you sit behind the wheel of a «hell cat» and ride in a straight line, it is possible to fly to Valhalla with delight, experts say «Dodge». To reach a hundred will be just 2.9 seconds with special tires made just for drag racing. But the reality is that hundreds needed 3.4 seconds. Too bad, but not as exciting. Although where we slow the Philistines.

10. Cadillac ATS-V Coupe

Price: $62,665

How fast? A bit unfair to put this «horse» on a par with other «horses». Anyway, that Pink Floyd on a par with Oasis and the Cure – all is wonderful, but «pinky» is still cold. So here, the car takes a hundred in 3.8, but we must not forget its volumes and that these volumes the machine is perfect on the turns.

11. Tesla Model S P85D

Price: $105,000

How fast? Price jump cost even more than the Nissan 370Z. But what a car! About this «stable» despite her youth, said more than, for example, about Lotus. If you’re not standing on a red light or you’re not in a silly «upgrade mode» (don’t forget what kind of car), the 2.8 can easily catch up with the coveted hundred. Just be prepared for the fact that familiar roar of the engine will be heard, only dead silence of the cabin.

12. Ferrari F12tdf

Price: Very much. Why bother?

How fast? Weaving – in 2.9 seconds. The maximum speed is not exactly known, but don’t be surprised when you notice that she accelerated up to 320 km/h, but what you do can be a surprise, if you can afford this avtolider. Although Ferari did coach heartier.

13. Ford GT

Price: So many that I can not even eat.

How fast? Currently in the world there are a small handful of people able to answer this question. Clear manygoodtips.com loved and read all over the planet, and we went to another continent to learn about it. But in response, only a crooked smile and a mysterious glint in his eyes. Hinted that very fast. For such disrespect urge you, dear reader, if you have the money for this car and in Romania (about the same cost), take Romania. Evil.

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