Existential crisis and how to deal with it

manygoodtips.com_6.04.2015_zTnYUjfhShdquIf the intelligentsia of the 20th century and was a sacred cow which they kept out on display, it is existentialism. Poets, philosophers, writers, artists and even to some extent the musicians have always wondered about man’s place in nature. The further moving progress, the less humanity relied on «God’s will» and that man as a strong, independent personality, able to determine their own path.

So, the essence of

As creative people we live and work is very boring, they begin to be introspective. The result of this reflection was an attempt to answer the question, what is the meaning of life, and the place of man. And now, through the efforts of the old Dane Kierkegaard, Heidegger, Jaspers, Camus and Sartre came to light outlet of the postwar generation. It was at this time and until the leftist youth movements who supported my grandfather Sartre.

The only problem is that all these philosophers the real-life needs were strangers, that’s the type of personality. Philosophers in General people are incredibly strange. However, the concept has turned out splendidly: I think, therefore I exist. Man as the only creature endowed with the brain, able to determine their own destiny. If the fate of the elephant – to stand in a muddy puddle and pour myself out of the proboscis, and the fate of flies to eat delicious foods of the stomach, then the person has the right to Express their essence in the process of existence. In other words, tired of system, discipline, routine – going people in the homeless. He decided to do it. He is perfect, he is the pinnacle of evolution, that’s his choice. The most obvious example of existential choice – it’s a hamlet, on reflection on the theme of «to be or not to be» before the advent of the concept.

The main caveat of the doctrine is that, in the opinion of scholars, then the person is aware of the existence, when confronted with something dangerous, for example, with death. The rest of the time no matter how you try, you know nothing. Do not confuse fear with fear – concepts are diametrically opposed. The true way of entering into the world of intuition: do not show with Gena Bukin, namely perceptual knowledge of the world.

The hardest part of the existentialism is to write a word correctly the first time. In second place is the problem that generates this direction. So, the study of any philosophy leads to a dead end, because the answer to all the questions so far failed is no doctrine. And those who once read «the Spiritual situation of the time» Jaspers (in this book first appeared before us the term), and not just read and tried to understand it, faced with such a problem as an existential crisis.

Existential crisis

Here is the crux of the matter. As you know, most philosophical problems are problems of reflexing idlers idlers, who thought of themselves as creative people and not even trying with nothing to do. In the case of existentialism there is a paradox, because they are waiting for divine enlightenment, oblivious to the fact that the blacksmiths of his own happiness. And no, fear does not help them. These people believe that it is enough to explain my apathy/suicidal/diarrhea – Yes, anything – existence, and all will become clear. In fact, it snot perenositsya benefits individuals. The builders of the Panama Canal, such turbidity was not, because they survived every day, shamelessly squandering their health and trying to feed his family. But where the requirements of existence are satisfied, there is a problem, as people begin to understand that their existence is unimportant. If you’re in search of the meaning of life decided to go and kill someone, it’s idiotic, and you just threat to society, a psychopath. But Camus would say that you have a crisis. The court will still, as Sartre would understand, if it makes you feel any better.

No, of course, with the loss of meaning of life experienced by all, but not all call it an existential crisis. Although, pot is not known, the identity he has one. And the search for meaning in life.

On the example of the population

In our time with a similar problem faces office plankton, whose life cycle turns into a monotonous «I woke up, went to the toilet-ate-a fool to lie at work-came home-ate-tested the lessons, quarreled with his wife-went to bed». Systematization – the main enemy of existence. It often leads to collapse of the meaning of life. Monotony, quite like the animals. Although the mole from the Czech cartoon «Krtek a not přátelé» lived a more interesting, diverse life and never knew that his friend Mouse will cook this time. But existence without meaning, oddly enough, is meaningless. It can occur suddenly and whack you with a frying pan like a woman from a «Village of fools», regardless of their religion, gender, age and financial prosperity. If you were a Buddhist, a millionaire, spend hours in meditation and harmony with the world, you’re still one day will understand that harmony is not reached, meditation tired, and what to do next – I don’t know, because I did not know how. And all the pleasures that you can afford on your mulenov, will not give you satisfaction. This is what Jagger sang in his famous song; they do not try, you: «Can t get Nou satisfaccin».

By the way, most of us faced with this terrible phenomenon, as only aware of one sad thing: youth is over. Bald and paunchy, you start to feel sad and to think about the lost opportunities under the loud funeral chords of the «midlife crisis».

And what do you do?

It is clear that everyone wants to be happy, and smart people have long realized that happiness must be fought. Some are in the process of fighting to give in and fall exhausted, and some, with clenched teeth, begin to work and suddenly realize that there is no meaning of life there. You just have to work and not to cry. In the end, if you pick to work at the mine, at the end of the day the bad thoughts will not remain forces.

It is possible, following the example of antiquity Cobain, Hemingway, hunter Thompson and others who forged a friendship with the firearms, to go to the hereafter. The problem is something you decide, but your family would not be very fun to whip your dried blood, unless you come Mr. Wolfe does not solve the problem.

Many find solace in religion, as indeed Kierkegaard himself. Tired, tortured by disease and impotence, he found solace in religion. Any monastery hospitably opens its doors and popularly explain that your life has meaning, and everything is in the will of God. The Lord just sent you a test. Half of Russian artists, tired of the overload of emotional breakdowns and alcoholism, found a refuge in religion. Will you be so to do is, as they say, is a matter of taste.

Some just radically change lifestyles and go on about their own desires. Wanted in childhood to become a musician – buy a guitar, play. Wanted to change the situation – to drop everything, sell apartments, go on a carefree trip to Goa. Go on a trip. Maybe the heavy load and contemplation of the natural beauty Straat your sore head and will give you something new. In fact, the film «Zack and Miri make a porno» is just about how people are looking for the journey of life and themselves. Illustrative example.

It’s never too late to change your life and get away from the boring. If only this will not hurt your loved ones. Yes, this is a minus burden of responsibility: sometimes you have to think not only about yourself.

But there is another way: start to develop, to read more, to explore a different philosophy. There is a possibility that you will forever be lost to society, because no philosopher so not one day and was not happy, but solve the problem. However, there is an easier way: find yourself a hobby. I am ashamed to recall this movie, but I have to – «shall we dance» with Richard Gere. Yes, I know how it saskarne, but the essence of the movie is just about that in the dance he found the meaning of his daily existence.

Or remember how you once played the guitar. Get dust tool lead misunderstanding in the work, perhaps, and itself will find. Work out, get a life. Well, if all this do not have enough time, then you can try to find the meaning of life in something irrational to accept the absurd and continue to live, along the way, taxied to the absurd. Forget it all, suffer what is called the mind.

However, the choice is yours, good luck!

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