Exhibition of animals, which was made by a creative friend Sayaka Ganz

Artist Sayaka Ganz (Ganz Sayaka) was born in Yokohama, Japan, and grew up in Hong Kong and Brazil. At the moment she lives and works in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

The Hansa had a huge influence of Japanese Shintoism, which is based on the belief that every object has a soul. She believes that the subjects suffer when they are thrown in the trash. When she became an artist, she used his views of Shinto, in fact, began to use unnecessary household items to create his sculptures. Ganz says: «I exclusively use old and discarded items. My goal is to give new life items, using them in sculptures of animals or organic forms which live and move. This process of recovery and rebirth helps me to Express myself.»

«The sculpture helps me to understand the world around us. They remind me that even if there is a conflict, there is a solution, and all the pieces can coexist peacefully with each other. Although there is a huge gap between some parts, and small cracks between others, watching from a distance, you can see that our society is perfectly and harmoniously. In my sculptures I put my hope.»

The work presented here is only a fraction of what it does, so check it out friend, maybe you will come up with the idea on how to create a dead possum lying on the flat with socks.

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