Exercises to terribly strong legs

Today is legs day, my boy, and as they say, Teddy Beard, today you have pretty porygat and kiss ass floor in a full squat. We will suggest some exercises that will allow your delicate bones in the feet grow into peasant meat without going to the gym. All you need — rod, or, in the extreme case, dumbbells. Or anything heavy and round. In General, see for yourself and prepare your feet to the shocking events in their life since you were born.

Front squat


Front squats, like any other kind of squats, forced to swell almost every muscle that is below the belt. Especially goes the hamstring tendons, glutes, quads, calves, and even stabilizing muscles of the hip and spine. And because the weight in this position as if displaced forward, throughout the exercise, tense the quadriceps femoris. Traditional weighted squats use barbells, but in this embodiment, it is possible to replace heavy dumbbells.

To get maximum benefits from exercise, try to do the right thing. Stand up straight, feet shoulder width apart, knees slightly bent. Put the barbell on your shoulders, holding backed up to the shoulders as if to secure hands, and try to maximally pull the elbows up as much as flexibility allows. Back, as always, need to keep straight, hips slightly back, to barely touch booty sex during full squats. Just make sure you keep your weight on your heels and knees in line with your feet. When you’re as dropped (in the best sense of the word: during the squat), then to the standing position need to go back like five clicking on all the weight and took the lead.

Perform three sets of 8 to 12 repetitions.

Three-way lunge

Three-way lunge is a kind of cheat, especially when you consider the fact that this is not just a separate exercise, three different movements, United by a rod and a desire to make a normal legs. To fear him is not necessary: this is a great exercise for your quadriceps, hamstrings and gluteal muscles.

With the help of the rod that corresponds to your powers, capabilities (do not just light weight her pancakes like an Indian Princess earrings — start with light weight to get used to the load) and data you by nature and centuries of human evolution kicks, you can do front and side lunges, as well as a graceful curtsy. In the first approach, your feet should literally burn from the strain of the skull like the Ghost rider. Therefore, it would be better if the whole approach you’re doing the exercises on one leg.


Stand up straight, feet about shoulder-width apart, arms carried by the rod on the back and shoulders. If you have no access to the bar, you can be armed with two dumbbells (preferably heavier) or any other felt goods. Just need not to put this burden on the shoulders and down the torso on outstretched arms.

The most interesting begins. Do step forward with the right foot, with five. Try to make it as wide as possible, to the heel of the left foot does not remain other exit, except how to get off the ground. SARS, of course, and back, you need to keep as straight as possible, bent may be, except that the knees. One of them during the attack should be as lowered to the ground. And at the very moment when his left knee supposed to touch the ground, you have to push off the right heel and thus to push yourself back to starting position.Immediately after that, without stopping, do a lunge to the side. It all starts with a banal a wide step to the side. All trite and simple: maximum push off with the left foot to the side, leaning on the bent right. The highest skill — if you get as low as possible to lower your buttocks to the floor, almost kissing the rough surface of the earth, and thus to make so that the feet of both feet fully touched the ground. Then, again, force heels back to starting position and immediately transition to the third movement.

Now the most difficult — curtsy. Previously, he was associated exclusively with a younger class ballet school, and after this exercise it will be associated exclusively with the weightlifting. Send your right foot diagonally forward, as if to intercede for the left, as if you hit the ball. Right leg on ground, left side. The left knee should fall on the floor and torso should not rotate in any direction, keep it right. After, as always, press on the heel (this time left), and back to the starting position.

Both lunge and curtsey are counted as one repetition. All you need to perform six to eight movements before changing legs.

Gymnastic ball for tendons


Using the gymnastic ball can be a good idea to develop and strengthen your hamstrings without the use of typical equipment and heavy loads. In addition, more than will get the buttocks and thighs with the help of which you maintain balance.

So, get on the floor and put your calves and heels on the ball. The legs should be fully extended. Put your hands at your sides, palms inward, to help maintain balance. And here’s a simple pose begin to straighten the hips so that your body form a straight as a taut string line from heels to shoulder blades.

Now the hard part: clicking heels on the ball, bend your knees and begin to gently roll the ball to the body, lifting the hips higher and keeping a straight line between knees and shoulders. Gently working the feet, you must, with shoulders and arms to raise your body straight up like removed in the open field «Topol-M». When the bullet will suffer too close, start to do the reverse operation, that is, to roll it away. So this would count as one repetition, all you need to do 10-12 of these. Of course, it is very difficult, but as the saying goes, no gain no pain.

One leg and jump rope

To overestimate the effectiveness of jumping rope is almost impossible. It would seem that such a simple and, according to some (a very erroneous opinion), girls ‘ activity, but as well affect the legs, cardio and overall tone. One such exercise is able to replace a complex, which will make your calves as powerful as Roberto Carlos. Well, in addition to their cardiac and muscular use, the rope gives +100 agility and +200 to coordination.


Actually, if you have no rope, you don’t have to search the house a long cord, wire or weave the rope of hair from the back. You can just jump and twist with your hands so don’t dally. But the jump is mandatory on one leg. Five approaches with ten hops on each leg — the result should be 100 jumps each. Series how want: for 10 jumps on each leg, it is possible for 100, you can even stop and rest, but be careful.

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