Exercises to become higher

Increase, probably never superfluous — even if you play basketball and in the public transport hit your head on the ceiling. Must be a big growth prevents only the tankers, which, I believe, on our website are in the minority. High man on the stool once again becomes, and the Sparrow can get in a solid growth weight advantages. Whatever height you endowed nature, there is always a chance to add to it at least a couple of inches.

For example, with the help of yoga.

For many, yoga is a controversial way to keep fit. Let’s leave superstition for fifty years conservatives and supporters of the teaching of Orthodoxy in schools: think in terms of — employment for such people. Dude open to anything new, especially if this «new» tested thousands of years of practice and still benefit. A little bit of yoga every day can make you taller, though considerably higher. Our exercises with the regular repetition can add to your growth up to five extra inches, and this is very important, especially for smaller dudes, in which on account of every inch.

Rotate lying on your back



This exercise will help to straighten the spine and relieve tension in the back

Lie back, put your chin to your neck. Breathe in and bring your knees up to your chest. On the exhale, lower legs to one side. Hold this position, take a deep breath, and then repeat the exercise the other way.

Complete 10 repetitions in each direction.

Cobra pose


Exercise strengthens the lower back and elongates the spine

Lie down on your stomach, hold the floor, legs and pelvic bones. Bend your elbows and put your forearms to the floor, clutching to him the palm. Breathe get off the floor belly and chest. On the exhale return to its original position.

10 repetitions at a time.

Cat and dog



This exercise for stretching your intervertebral discs

Get on all fours, breathe in and bend back the spine, lifting the chest and no bulging stomach. Freeze in this position. Then on the exhale, round the back.

5 reps is the optimal number.

Yoga is yoga, but increasing the growth of, and using the usual exercises that you did in high school for another use.

4. Pullups

Not waiting for? Hovering on the bar perfectly stretches the spine. If you can’t pull a decent amount of time, you can just hang out as you can. Although… can’t you catch up?

5. Bending forward from a standing position

Hasn’t changed a bit since high school. Standing, feet shoulder width apart, lean forward, get his fingers to the floor and struggles to reach out for him. You can roll from heel to toe. Straighten up, repeat, and so ten times.

Bending forward from a sitting position

Exercise on flexibility, which will stretch your legs. Sit on the floor, legs stretched forward and leaning over to him, trying to touch the forehead knees.


There is nothing older and kinder. Stand on the floor, legs shoulder width apart, rise up on your toes, hands reach for the floor. The spine is stretched — Mama do not cry.

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