Exercises that you can do anywhere

manygoodtips.com_13.02.2014_yw4Dw5jEwEtnQWe constantly complain about lack of time, although in reality it’s just inability to plan his schedule. When I was at uni, I managed to pair up to go and work, to the gym, and out. And it’s not just because I was young and always drunk, but because I learned to plan my life. But the first time I was so bad and time, of course, is not enough.

Healthy life style reason there’s never anybody there. Type tired type get home till late. But watch a stupid Comedy before bed or zadrachivatsya online games is always welcome. In fact, you can always find a way to take care of yourself when there seems to be no way. You can start with various exercises with a weight that you can do almost everywhere: at work, at home, in the morning before work. Today I will talk about exercises for a home workout, who know almost everything. They are cool, and develop a little more than dofiga different muscles, which, I agree, is cool. They will help you to prepare your body for exercise, improve your ability to balance gives you flexibility and not only.



Stand up straight. Legs straight at shoulder width. Lean forward and touch hands floor, slightly bend your knees and hold on to good hands. The load on the hands and feet should be about the same. Well now lean feet on floor, and hands, stepping slowly, moving his body forward, straightening legs until they are parallel to the ground and you won’t take the position for pushups. Immediately after this step foot, lifting the body up and returning to the position from which you started this exercise. Repeat this exercise as many times as you can.

Jumping lifting knees to chest

Stand up straight. Lean forward and slightly bend your knees. Jump up as high as possible, and turn your feet under yourself and try to wrap my hands around them. Pretty hard considering that you need to have good jumping ability to do something similar.

Gait of a bear

Kneel down, lean hands on the floor, stand on your toes, stretch your body parallel to the floor. Feet wider than shoulders, hands too. You’ll resemble a child, which depicts a tiger, or a bear. Step your right hand forward, pull up right foot, step your left hand, put it on the same place the left leg. No shifts his right hand, a left leg! Do 8-10 of these steps and more is better.

Plyometric pushups

Here’s a little cardio, comrade. The exercise begins in a standard rack for push-UPS, however, can substitute for hands Stepa to have or rolled up towel. Drops with your hands closer to the ground, a good start and try to launch yourself in the air, fall to my hands again fall to the ground and start again.

Climbing stairs with a curl on the biceps

It’s pretty simple: you go up the stairs, holding in my hand a quite heavy object (the shopping bag, a huge bottle of water, bag or backpack). In the process of lifting you twist your hand on the bicep, lifting the load, bending your elbows to the shoulders. Remember that the arm should not be completely straightened, a slight bend should leave, otherwise there will be problems with the elbow joints in the future. The arm should be held close to the body to bend was concentrated and clearly focused on the biceps.


The exercise was lit here in this post, so for details go there. Cool exercise.

Some burpees

And again, some burpees, we had article, very detailed, to tell you the truth.


Time to quote old articles. Not anymore. About the strap I wrote a very detailed post describing all known to me strap. It’s time to go.

Sitting on the wall

Many dudes don’t understand the point of this exercise, because doing it wrong. In fact, you’re sitting on the wall, lean on her back and buttocks, keeping a certain body position. Lean against the wall, slowly slide down until thighs are parallel to the ground. Make sure your knees are directly over ankles, and your back flat. Hold in this position should be within 60 seconds for one approach. Usually this is enough to turn your legs into an amorphous jelly. But if you really want something, add it to the exercise twisting to the biceps.

Lunges forward


Surely you know the drill because it’s know probably everyone who lives on this planet, if at least once intersect with sports. Stand up straight, arms along the body. Step forward, bring the entire weight of the body and bend the leg so that the thigh is parallel to the floor. Come back to starting position and repeat with the other leg. I recommend doing lunges with dumbbells or with pancakes from the rod.

Pistol squats or one leg

Normal squat but on one leg, the second extended forward. Hands can be kept on the belt or pull them forward.

Squats with jumping

Again add a little cardio into our boring everyday. Do a standard squat, hands on hips, at the bottom delayed and jump up, throwing straight arms also up. I repeat, there is strength.

Standard pushups

We wrote many times about this exercise and about the many varieties of it. The most detailed article here.

The layout of dumbbells with a deflection in the back

Good if you have dumbbells. Can be done with bottled water, is not critical. Stand up straight, one foot slightly in front of the other and bent at the knee. Lean slightly forward at the waist and spread your arms with dumbbells in hand so that the blade was reduced. Repeat as much as you can. A good isolated exercise.

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