Exercises in close quarters

manygoodtips.com_1.09.2015_9seGNazEL8lRLCharles Bronson – a headache the whole prison system in the UK. This is the most famous criminal who, moreover, enjoys broad support among the population. This guy didn’t kill anyone, but has still managed to become famous as the most violent and dangerous prisoner in the world. For many years it is in places of confinement while serving time since 1974. He was already over 60 years and still are afraid of it. Why? During all these decades behind bars, being in conditions of limited freedom, Johnson has become a real powerhouse in creating their own training programs. All this gave him superhuman strength. Charles claimed that he could do 172 press-UPS in 60 seconds, raise a billiard table and bend the door of a prison cell with his bare hands. He often recorded their workouts, and on one of the records has been said about 1727 pushups in an hour.

Now, of course, all of this information creates distrust. But his ill-treatment, as well as phenomenal physical strength has led to the fact that the jailer had to protect other inmates from Charles Bronson. But the star among British prisons are not the only person who was able to achieve these results without access to the rods, nutritious food and supplements. Prisoners around the world create effective exercises that you can perform in a tiny space of their cell with limited equipment. For men who are trapped in such places, to be strong means not just aesthetics and personal growth. Force is a deterrent to attack by the other, it is necessary for survival.

While most of us, I hope, not planning to be locked up, we believe that any man can get a useful lesson from those people who, despite the circumstances, stay strong and motivated. Here are simple exercises that you can perform in close quarters, be it your room or a prison cell.

1. Advantages of training on body weight

They can be done anywhere. Didn’t have time to do exercise in the gym? A lot of travelling? A lot of work? Not a problem! Now you shut down for 5-10 years, and you have plenty of time. Well, if you’re not in jail, still can exercise almost anywhere.

It’s free. You don’t need to spend money on a subscription to the gym, no need to buy equipment. With a few simple exercises you can build muscle is absolutely free.

You develop not only the strength but also the endurance of the heart. Increasing the pace and decreasing the rest between sets and exercises, you can increase the intensity and effectiveness of workouts. At some point will be able to train all day.

2. Exercises

We highlight the key exercises that work for you. However, with a certain amount of imagination you can create more than 50 different exercises using the major, which we cited as an example. Even if the prisoners managed to accomplish them, what excuses do you have? Beris and do!


Charles Bronson was doing 2000 push UPS a day. A phenomenal figure, but if you start with 10 pushups a day and will add on every following day by 5 push-UPS, it will take not so much time you reach this level.

You can vary push-UPS, even necessary, because they work on very important muscle groups, including chest, front deltoid and triceps. However the secret is that physical exercise can easily change that will help to engage other muscle groups.

For example, you can adjust the placement of the hands. The closer the hands are to each other, the more emphasis on triceps, and further, the greater the load on the pectoral muscles.

There is another technique known as Indian push-UPS. The point is that during a push-up dynamically to move the body, which will increase flexibility in chest, shoulders, back and hips. Standard this is done as follows:

1. Take the head down and forward, bending your elbows.

2. When your head will be closer to the ground, keep moving forward the torso, but arch your back and lower hips. Your hips should be about your hands.

3. To make sure you’re well stretched and return to original position.

4. Repeat.


Pull-UPS you can perform wherever there is an opportunity to hang. If you’re in a confined space such as a hotel room, you can use the door frame if it is wide enough. The same can be try to do in the apartment, if you are not afraid to damage the door.

In the same way as in push-UPS, there are many variations:

Keep your head up. Try as possible to raise the head, which will increase the load on the biceps. Can also cross my arms during pull-UPS, which will significantly increase the difficulty of the drill and attached thereto efforts. Unable to grab iron stick in quite a different way, i.e. so that it hung over your head. Put your hands together and then pull one way and then the other.

Also will not be superfluous to play with the width. Pull in different ways: with the arms widely spaced, and Vice versa.

There’s another perverse thing for fans of this exercise. Strong take two towels and wrap them on what tightened. Well use them as exercise power grip. If you can catch up on the one hand, in jail you’ll definitely survive.


They are needed everywhere and always, especially when in front of a ten long years in solitary confinement, or are you waiting for a 25 years mortgage of your Studio in 20 meters. And squats are also full of variations.

The traditional thing is your hands behind your head and squat.

Add the weight. During squats you can add weight, take something in hand, for example, or put on your shoulders. Even a simple squat with a heavy load will bring you a lot of benefits.

Squats-jumping. Looks a bit absurd exercise that is actually very useful. Squat to the end, and then the big, then squat sharply again and again a big fucking rabbit. Not only that, you cheer the other inmates, so also will benefit.

Squat-pistol. This reach a few, but if you are able to develop their physical abilities to a level you just alfach. The point is to squat on one leg when the other is extended straight. Only full squat, no schlock. Resistant months of training and you will succeed. We believe in you!

Some burpees

Some burpees is one of the most effective exercises for the entire body. For this reason, a football team practicing some burpees, do them in the elite military forces, as well as those who can call themselves a fan of cross-fit.

How to do it:

1. Take the position of the squat, in which the palm is located on the floor in front of you.

2. Jump feet back, your body should be in the same position as for push-UPS.

3. Do push-UPS.

4. Without a pause go back to the squat position.

5. Jump up as high as possible, reach hands up.

Sounds simple? Well, say it a few dozen times, wise guy! If you think you’re macho, replacement a sweet jump manly pulling up on one hand. Again, do not have to do everything by the wayside, transform stages, have fun.

The deck of pain

Finally I will tell you about this prison pastime, which is called the «deck of pain»:

Do you have a standard deck of 52 cards pieces. Each color is associated with some Hells exercise, well and «pictures» have their own specific value. For example, clubs will mean squat on one leg. In General, you get a card and your opponent draw a card, if it beats yours, you do something that shows you your map. For example, if you got 10 of clubs, you’re doing ten squats on one leg. If you and your friend do nothing to do is a great way to brighten up the time. More and health will strengthen.

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