Exercises for clumsy and stupid

There are people graceful like a Flamingo stepping out of the screen «animal world», and there are Laggards, who are constantly confused in their feet, fall on level ground, get mysterious bruises and wear shoes with whipped into dust nose. Clumsiness, unfortunately, does not decorate the person.

But, as for everything but AIDS, from clumsiness can be healed. Through sports, of course. For this you need to perform these 7 exercises, no more, no less. It is mostly lunges and squats but in a very interesting twist. They are great to develop coordination and body balance, so that with proper execution you can be graceful as antelope.

Lunges with weight


Hold a weight, a bundle of books or a package of watermelon — you name it, and raise your straight arm over your head. Holding the weight and straight arm, take a lunge forward with the right foot if holding the weight in your right hand. Then change the hand and do everything the same but with the left arm and leg. The main thing is to choose the feasible shipment: you don’t have to take a ton, no need to take 15 kg, 5 is the maximum. Do 10-15 times on each side, and then you can experiment — do lunges with the left leg when the weight on the right. It’s harder, but that only makes it more interesting.



Wrap around the waist or 2-3 cm above the knee rubberized the rope to a railing, lamppost or chair. Best suited long expander or something springy and long. Starting with the right leg, do a lunge as far as possible, until then, until you feel the tension, and the straps do not pull back. Try during lunge knee touch the floor and keep your back as straight as possible. The smoother will stand your feet —

the more you will benefit from these exercises. Do 10 times on each leg.

Squats with the trainer is the BOSS

For this exercise would be very useful trainer BOSU. Who knows, it’s so popular now a hemisphere, resembling a half-cut balance ball. You need to turn the BOSU round side down, stand on flat ground, put feet on width of shoulders and without lifting your heels, keeping the balance, trying not to do unnecessary and too sudden movements, you begin to squat. Do three sets, starting five times and finishing with 15. It is much

harder than it looks, because the rickety platform and tries to throw you on the floor.

Squat on one leg


Do I need to explain this legendary exercise? Resting my hand on a chair, table or wall, and begin to squat, raising and straightening the leg, which is closer to the support place. The second hand on the shoulder. No exercise, a torture, damn it, but the benefit to the organism it can not be denied. Thanks for pumped hips and press.

Oh yeah, 10 repetitions on each leg.

Squats on one leg with support

You need one leg was slightly raised and he was like in a limbo. You can put them on a chair, pillow or use a TRX. Anyway, any inventory will not be easy.

The exercise is performed in the following way: returning to the loop, cushion shell (chosen to emphasize) back, put the foot on the selected shell and begin to squat on one leg, gradually pulling draws the foot back, like you swallow, and not a man. Try to touch the knee of a floor, and most importantly, not fall and not fall. And keep smooth as possible in such an uncomfortable position, your back. Perform 5 to 10 repetitions, then change legs.

The slopes on one leg


Hold the same free weight: the same weight, a bundle of books, a package of melon, but… but now it’s just another exercise. Incline the body forward, simultaneously pulling the leg back. And, the housing and the foot should be smooth, and your body eventually resemble the letter «T» or Heron.

What to do with the hand and weight? They need to be lower down, they are for balance, because to fall in this elegant exercise — simple. Do 5 to 10 repetitions on each leg.

Turkish sit-UPS


Heels together, toes apart as much as possible. Take up a weight or girasolereale, pressed him to her breast as your own, and slowly begin to squat, gradually straightening Laden hands. Not necessary to lower, sat — steady. This is the maximum load your shell, which is very good for stomach muscles. When you stand up, gently pull the hands to your chest, not throwing the projectile. Try to do everything smoothly, to best distribute the load, but not so much that you put the weight to your chest and in this position stand. Exercise is difficult, therefore, for the first time only 10 approaches.

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