Exercise machines or free weights?

In the world of fitness quite a lot of holivarov. However, people like to bolivarite on any topic, including on the subject of any hobby. They just love to argue for any reason, and at some point you start to think that maybe I was wrong in choosing the training programs. Someone advocating free weights and turnichki, someone believes that a perfect body can only be built in the well-equipped gym with a huge variety of equipment and cargo. Who is right and who is wrong — let’s face it.


When you come to the gym, you see a huge amount of iron in different shapes and sizes, which is designed to pump even the most useless and unnoticeable muscle in your body. All you need to do is to sit down and pull handle plate mounts, so the body became stronger and more noticeable. You sit, lie, stand or lean on these devices, and it seems that nothing complicated about it.

Machines are great for beginners because they are, on the one hand, interesting and they learn quickly to use it. Watch just to certain parts of the body was leaning against the simulator, and the other — on the contrary. Another notable plus for beginners — low risk of injury. For the rookie, who yesterday was lying on the couch, dead lifts in the Smith machine can be a better alternative than a deadlift with a barbell.

Advantages of simulators

Quick workout

All you need is to sit on the exerciser, put the scales and select the desired position. Supersets can be carried out easily and quickly, you will mix from one trainer to another, you don’t need to take the dumbbell, pull the pancake, put them on rods, training becomes faster.

Reduced injury risk

Danger of injuries in the gym is really huge. Buckled knee — rod fell on you; off the bar, pulled his shoulder when he put the bar back — a lot of injuries for the unprepared person. This does not mean that the work on the simulator can be completely safe, the risk of sprains and ligament rupture still exists, but it is much less.

Easy to use

Most of the machines extremely easy to use, it is enough to watch videos on YouTube and do as it shows. In addition, on some machines there are explanatory pictures for absolutely morons. The need to coach disappears by itself, especially if you come to the gym with someone who can be traced, properly leaning your torso to the simulator and video your back.

Useful for those recovering from injury

When I was diagnosed with «osteoarthritis of the left knee joint», I had to go to the small weight and slowly stretch your knee. At first it was very frustrating, but then everything settled down and the knee feels much better. Machines know how to pump up the right muscles, that is, to swing them in isolation from other muscles. For injury recovery, perfect. This will allow you to stay in shape during the healing process and recovery. There is nothing worse than to grow fat in a result of grass or illness. Don’t leave the sport!


Increase the risk of overtraining one muscle group and increasing the load on them

If within a few weeks of diligently doing deadlifts a vertical block for the head, the body will carry the same load. Are you doing exercises at the gym in a strictly defined position, tensing different muscle groups in isolation from each other. When you execute load, the position of the spins does not change, and if not switch to other exercises, preferably with free weights, you can expect pain in the vertebrae, pinching and other troubles. I have after several weeks of work at the gym with a constant vertical thrust of «sweet», began to shoot back, I even almost fell in surprise when she once cracked, that already tears from eyes gushed. Wild pain. For this reason, you need to perform exercises with free weights, because the burden is evenly distributed to the whole body: you need to keep in a certain position not only weight, but also himself.

A false sense of strength

Do you work at the gym, and you feel like you’re getting stronger. The pin which holds the scales moved lower and lower, 40, 50, 60… 90. You seem to be just unreal strong pepper, you really have achieved. But suddenly you realize that outside of the gym you’re not really succeeded. You need to lift a heavy box and carry it some distance. You grab it and realize that you have no opportunity to stop and rest, in addition, the box should hold as responsible those muscles that you pumped on the treadmill. Dudes who sits long at the gym, ignoring the free weights, pumping your muscles in isolation and uneven. They have a very strong one group of muscles, she looks beautiful in the lighting of the gym, relief, girls like it. But other muscle groups that are responsible for static, for the safety of cargo in one position weak. In addition, his stamina is at zero.

A false sense of security

So, machines are safer but this does not mean that they are completely safe.


The Smith machine is a very popular trainer, but at the same time the most harmful. So he makes only one trajectory, often unnatural. It supports for you post, therefore you are not developing the group of muscles that is responsible for maintaining the rod in a certain position. Unnatural body position or incorrect position of the feet, back and body when performing the deadlift or squats can lead to injuries in the future.

Free weights

Free weights: barbells, dumbbells and your own body — always been a alternative of trainers, although in fact they should complement each other.


Work the muscles to stabilize the body

With free weights, each exercise brings into play many additional synergistic muscles that support your body and load in a certain position. This is a more complex exercise.

Similarity with everyday activities

Many of the exercises with weights is what we do in everyday life. In life, we bend over, pick something up, held items, and so on.


Because the work included stabilizing muscles, your balance and coordination is significantly improved, and for the life of it is important.

Improving the functioning of the brain

I’m serious, man! Whenever we use free weights, we use a property of our brain called proprioception. This property represents the ability of the brain to know where the body is in the moment, and it is in the correct position. This is a good way to pump the brain, and who says jocks are stupid? Those who do not sway, silly.

Convenience and cheapness

Barbells and dumbbells are easy to work because antropometrica. Of course, good not free weights, but most! That is cheap, I hope to say it?


Increased risk of injury if you’re doing it wrong

As we mentioned above, free weights traumatic, especially when you’re doing it wrong.

The loss of efficiency

When you rearrange the pancakes rod, looking around the hall you need dumbbells and weights, your rest period is delayed. In addition, it is sometimes difficult to find a suitable your hands Grif, because he’s busy. And that’s the problem, dude.

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