Excursus on mens winter caps

manygoodtips.com_18.11.2014_QFtlzmrzTjaXkIf you haven’t got an insulated headpiece from the upper shelves of the mezzanine, now at the risk of getting the cap! Have you forgotten the imperishable covenants grandmother, who told you about that in the cold time of the year 80-90% of our body heat escapes through the head? Of course, this is not true, since we lose heat evenly from the entire surface of the body, but warm hat that protected the head and ears, not just to protect us from the biting wind, and otitis media. Caps is an integral part of the winter wardrobe, when the desire to insulate from the heels to the head is natural. And if you approach the choice with a cold mind, you can ensure a stylish appearance and completeness of the overall image.

General rules


There is nothing wrong with that in your wardrobe there are several options for winter headgear: plenty to choose from. It is easier to consider several options than painful then to think about how the combination of the classic coat and yellow knit cap with a beard is a Casual or a retard?

1.Bright colors such as orange, neon green or blue, designed to evoke about safety, so hats screaming colors most often worn by the lovers of extreme winter sports, in the case of an emergency to facilitate rescue quest. In some countries, hunters also wear bright hats, but if you’re not a hunter, and snowboarder, and you not 14, back off a little and leave red riding hood to the world of fairy tales. Well, or to give or any other trip outside the city.

2.The dark color of almost any kind of headgear is a universal black, gray, brown, these caps can be worn, riding on the slopes or heading to the Opera house.

3.Hats that cover the ears are considered less formal than those that leave them naked. However, who will care about these formalities, when outside is minus thirty?

4.The thicker and softer the material of the cap, the more she preferred for everyday wear than for any formal event. For the latter, it is customary to choose a thin, hard or felt hats.

5.Tassels, pompons and other gadgets… Well, dude, do I even need to remind you that you need to know the measure. The more you definitely have plenty to choose from.

1. Normal hat


She is the «cap toe», «hat robber», Bini. Well, or the well-known «Fanny». Usually, the most clear and bold wear it on the back of the head below the ears were open for important patsanski markets. Regardless of the name, the knit cap is determined by several basic features:

  • knitted material (usually wool, cotton or synthetics);
  • round, symmetrical shape;
  • often (but not always) bent up double cut.

The cap can fit snugly on the head, which is considered a purely male version, but can have a more loose fit is already unisex.

Some models have a soft cut in the form of a Crescent and is decorated with «tassels»: this option was chosen by skiers and snowboarders, because it is warm, comfortable and versatile. When choosing the material of the course to better focus on wool products for maximum preservation of the insulating properties. But synthetic it absorbs moisture, so if you’re sweating like a horse, you’ll be comfortable in a hat made of cotton or synthetics. Plus, these materials are not capricious in the wash and longer retain their appearance. Therefore, in the off-season for such a useful accessory is a must in your wardrobe. And, as mentioned above, the dark color of the headdress will give you the organic appearance both in business and informal.


2. Ushanka/Aviator


Ushanka is one of the warmest options winter hats and looks a bit more interesting than its previous counterpart. For a long time, these hats were worn by Soviet military power, therefore, talking about the classic version of the hat, not covering the ears, we will remember a long heavy coat.


This hat has several varieties. For example, now we increasingly see hybrid earflaps and the so-called cap-«the Aviator», providing the reliable protection of neck and ears. By choosing this option headgear try to stick to subdued colors and be careful about the details of fur: first, it is rather feminine, and secondly, more carries a certain element of posturing than a practical necessity.


3. Astrakhan hat


She «horbachivka», «pie», «Embassy». The material for this hat is the fur of newborn Karakul lambs of the breed: their hair black, soft and very tightly wound, creating an incredibly dense Mat. Different cultures and countries have adapted the use of this wool for different styles. Flat, with rounded up edges hat was chosen by the Politburo of the Central Committee of the Communist party, hence the name «Ambassador hat.» In Pakistan and North India it is called the «tip of Gin» in honor of Muhammad Ali Jinnah, who also favored this hat. These warm hats, and still you can wear with anything up to a business suit. Of course, if you do not mind wearing the newborn and nevinnoubiennyh lamb on his head.


4. Cappie


Rounded caps with hard visor – another popular type of men’s hats. A huge advantage of cap is that they fit almost everyone, regardless of face type. In addition, this model is practical and looks stylish. You can pick up a winter version of thick wool and thick material. However, in the strong frost it is better not to wear it since the unprotected ears and neck will quickly chilled.

5. Felt hat


Dressy option for any hipsters and fashionistas. This hat has many variations, the most popular of which is now «Fedora», «Trilby», «boater» and «pot». It looks impressive, but provided that you have carefully thought through all the way to the end. Winter variants have special pads that are pulled out of their hats and cover their ears.


6. Cap Stormy Kromer


Headpiece, named after its Creator – baseball player George Cromer. This is a more informal version felt hat, and it can be combined with the style Casuale and classic.

7. Hat with beard


Comic fashion trend, which saves the head, chin, cheeks and mouth from the intense cold. Choose your option, change insulated coat for a jacket and go for a walk to get some fresh frosty air. And don’t forget a warm sweater and a scarf to be warm to the maximum.

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