Excursions beyond adequacy

Now, when booming time for the holidays, many are trying to leave their hearth and home and go somewhere far away. However, the range of services is quite monotonous. You want something amazing, without the notorious «all inclusive» and boring tours of ancient castles. For all inclusive I do not know, but interesting excursions will advise you gladly.

Tour of the red light district


I’m sorry, but you live in Russia. Although, if you’ve got under the sheets a lot of shekels, all things are possible. Because in the end, no one, absolutely no one goes to Holland just for the sake of wooden shoes, places van Gogh, windmills and Tulip fields. All go there for prostitutes and drugs. Especially, when corruption in city designated a special district with red lights and prostitutes, hiding a tired look and care of two illegitimate bastards, waiting at home, stretched in an ostentatious passion.

There are several companies offering tours that will allow you to see the erotic museums, sex shops and ladies who present themselves for sale in the showcases in the world famous red light district. During the tour you can listen to a short course of facts and anecdotes about this legendary area from a knowledgeable guide, and then you’re shocked or return to your comfortable room, where you will long to digest impressions from contact with the bottom of society, or remain in the fateful quarter long. After all, it is necessary to make intercultural exchange the chlamydia between the two brotherly peoples.

Most importantly, do not stumble, like in the good old «Euro tour», some «Wandersex», where practiced flowerheimer. In the capital of the Kingdom of the Netherlands and it happens.

In the footsteps of murderer Charles Manson


In Los Angeles it’s all good. The cunning gringos have not forgotten how to make money on absolutely everything. And involved not only the bright side of the city with dazzling white Hollywood teeth movie stars and Venice beach, but his dark, perverse, bloody part. The fact that the monuments associated with international crime «city of Angels», no less than in Hollywood pavilions.

There are several tour companies that spetsializiruyutsya on their demonstration. But named after the famous Beatles hit Helter Skelter firm specializiruetsya on the history of the «family» Manson and his high-profile assassinations of the 1960-ies. Many tourists want to see with their own eyes the scene of the crime and go through the route of a famous criminal. Without blood and wife of Roman Polanski.

Bus adventure Bob Marley


Jamaica, of course, known for its resorts and crystal clear blue water… Nonsense, written in the tourist guides! Jamaica is known throughout the world peace-loving Rastafarians, not specified canonized grass and reggae. And if you go there, just to «snatch what» delicious herbs and absorb the cheerful atmosphere of the island. Well, to pay tribute to the chief son of Jamaica.

There are several reputable tour companies that conduct tours through the gauze. These tours became known as the «Round Ganja» because they often include a «secret» visit to the working plantation of marijuana. On site of Bob Marley where he is buried, visitors have the opportunity to purchase marijuana through a special hole in the wall. Why such awkward way? Yes, because the weed in Jamaica is now officially out of the law! For that inexperienced, the tourist can sit down for a few days in not the most comfortable jail ever. The locals and the cops, don’t realize, what’s the point in banning it if it is still pot in every second house. But the law is the law. Paradoxically, the main attraction out of it.

Although marijuana is not mentioned in the brochures or on web sites, most of these tours has an age limit of 18 years and older for obvious reasons.

Chernobyl tour


This may seem nonsense, idiocy, stupidity, but nevertheless offers tours to Chernobyl, the place of the worst nuclear disaster in 1986. Ghost town was romanticized endless series of books and computer games, so there is no wonder that the popularity (and really popular). Man has always been drawn to places, covered with mystery and tragedy, on the ruins of the once bright turbulent life.

Group passing through checkpoints in the 30-kilometer exclusion zone. Then they are delivered at Chernobyl NPP, where you can see the sarcophagus of the 4th reactor the roots of a terrible disaster. On the way to the power plant tour group stops in a deserted village of Kopachi, where you can go in an abandoned kindergarten, where three decades gathering dust toys waiting for children who never come back here, which themselves became parents and I remember the disaster as a nightmare.

Some claim that now the level of radiation in the glorious city of Chernobyl is not higher than in the large industrial cities. So if you’re not planning on a health trip, it is possible to go. And what forests, what animals!.. With two heads. In the end, Pink Floyd were not afraid, and shot a video for the gorgeous song «marooned». However, they just ran to the old actors, but not important. Captain Price, for example, came back healthy.

But seriously, aside from all the ridiculous jokes, this tour has one indisputable advantage: it shows how fragile can be a human life.

Tour a real prison in San Pedro


Bolivia is known around the world primarily by the fact that they killed Che Guevara. And yet… so does this impoverished tropical pit is not known. Though there is something interesting in the middle of nowhere.

In the glorious city of La Paz tourists pay criminals, so they carried them on a tour of the city jail. Although it is officially condemned by the government, bribe the guards and officials allow us to see inside the place from where most hope to get out.

The prison of San Pedro unusual, here the families of prisoners allowed to live inside. Those who made this decision live in an apartment: paying rent. This prison is a mixture of decent living conditions for those with money, and the shacks of the poor. Another interesting thing about this prison: the Bolivian guards are only on the outside of the gate. They are forbidden to go inside! And sometimes even dangerous. To pay for something to be behind bars with criminals, it sounds strange, especially because in any, even the most recent Bolivian town, consisting of a Church and four streets, you can Rob and kill. But a romance» be willing.

Tour the sewers


Patrick Suskind in his «Perfume» is pretty accurately described all the smells of old Paris, where for a light veil of perfume, fresh croissants and cheap wine, hiding the stench of sewage. It is in these wastewater kindly invite you to experience the creators of the Museum that is a part of this, the existing sewage system. There is, of course, all civilized, good ventilation system, and from the dark corner to not attack you teenage ninja turtles. And where else but in the underground city, to learn the secrets and history of the ancient capital?

Crazy day


If you manage to get to Kiev, then be sure to visit the controversial and fascinating tour of the oldest psychiatric hospital in the city. Tourists are introduced to the history of the hospital and the attitude to the mentally ill at various times. Optionally, you can even try on a straitjacket. So that’s that, and after the tour you start to feel the line between sane and insane. Don’t know what to do with tourists, but after visiting this place all are very impressed by what he saw. It was madness it is, to put it mildly, quite different.

Mystical tour


Poor, poor, long-suffering Haiti is constantly confused with well-known cartoon about a parrot Kesha the island of Tahiti. Honestly, that is where that to go is not recommended. But if you already got devastated by the 2010 earthquake island go to the voodoo show. Unless, of course, not feel painful love for our younger brothers.

The fact that this really is a voodoo show, tourists are offered to participate in various initiations and ceremonies. And the basis of many rituals included animal sacrifice. It is still good that malevolent natives do not use human. So to cut a dog you don’t charge, but a similar picture is few people can like. However, and without killing animals, voodoo rites look very specific and impressive.

But you can ask the shaman to fulfill the desire. Well, to eliminate a competitor or some other dirty trick to start.

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