Exciting conversation: how to ask for salary increase

manygoodtips.com_30.04.2016_5blRkGV1xnerwIn the early days of his career, to start a conversation about money as something scary. Who are you and what have earned an additional livelihood?

Negotiating the salary may sound like something scary and exciting, especially when going for the first time, but actually there is nothing unnatural. The key to successful negotiation is thorough preparation. Thanks to the endless information that you can find on the Internet, it is easier than ever.

Before you continue reading this, remember the number one rule in such negotiations: don’t start talking about salary if you have something to lose.

Preliminary work

Not shy to use different profiles to find and establish business contacts. For Example, LinkedIn. First, they are much easier to establish yourself as an expert, establishing business contacts and manifesting itself at the close, an independent collaboration with other people. In the end, who knows: maybe you will be able through this service to find a new job.

Read industry news

This may sound strange, but many people forget this in the midst of a serial or socialnomics binge. Being aware of what is happening in your area, you’re stuffed his worth as a candidate.

Be careful what recent investment has been made in your industry who is leading in the market, and what technologies in the future in their field. If you learnt a new method or tool is being promoted enlightened mind in your field, study it in detail and, if possible, test.

Adaptation to a constantly changing industry makes you more valuable and gives weight during business conversations. Nowadays information is the key to everything, including to a happy life. Read business magazines, websites, study information along with a bunch of other sites that will make you more educated.

Online not hurt

manygoodtips.com_30.04.2016_thZkCFgEcESDaOn the yard in 2016, what does that mean? This means that every person should have their own blog or website.

When you exist online, the employer much easier to keep track of your achievements and capabilities. The web site can help you find new opportunities, proposals and attract customers. In the end, with the right approach you can just make your name a brand. It’s easier than you think and it makes you more valuable.


Here are a few questions you should know before going to an interview or negotiation:

– How to get employees in the firm at the same position?

– What is the average salary in your town in this post?

– How do you evaluate your work?

Check this out very easily. Forums, Google, the advice of friends to help you. However, not advise to go to a firm where similar work are paid two times less. What’s the point? But if you have found such atavism, as the conscience, which also borders on idiocy, and you are ashamed to get a lot of money, knowing that somewhere in the money risk the lives of miners, please.

The Golden rule

The Golden rule in negotiations: the first one who mentioned about the salary, will be forced to concede.

Directly the conversation

manygoodtips.com_30.04.2016_YCmysmyQSekeJNow let’s talk about the main thing – directly about the conversation.

Start a conversation with phrases like: «I appreciate you agreeing to speak with me about it.» Or something like: «based On my research, the range for this position in the industry with competitors is between X and X; based on my experience and skills, I believe that my salary should be X,» and so on. The first thing people will hear is the minimum amount you mentioned.

At this point, you can answer: «Sorry, we can’t do that» or «Why do you think you deserve this salary?» To answer this question, you should be prepared not less than 7 points that show your advantage over other employees.

Maybe you have traveled, know a second language or have a set of skills that are non-traditional for most people of your area. It should be something that distinguishes you from the gray mass. Start with the most impressive and then look at not so spectacular phrases. At this point people will make offer, or might say something like: «Sorry, but X-amount – the maximum that we can offer You». Now to throw in their studies. It can be research latest investments or acquisitions made by the company. You should know before to begin negotiations, if he has all the ability to give you a raise? Maybe head the last months have reported you out of pocket. Learn all about the financial situation of the organization.

Most likely, you will be offered a period during which it will closely follow your abilities. Suddenly you are valuable, but did not notice until now? So, don’t agree to any period more than one month. We’ll have to plow Papa Carlo, every day, from dawn to sunset, because if you mess up, you will forever fall in the eyes of the authorities.You may offer alternative methods of payment, as stock options, flexible vacation and remote work. Don’t forget to remember about their plans and possibilities: «I see that You have made this company a leader in its field. Here are three things I can do to help this company become even more successful.»

If you have a competitive offer that is the best tactic. «Currently, I have offers in the range of X and X.» Interviewers start visibly nervous, barely hearing it.

In fact, if you listen, it is at least 40% of success. Not much, but considering how many people are willing to listen to the whining of his subordinates for salary, this is a very good indicator. Try to convince the boss that leads you not only benefits but also the love and dedication and the company.And don’t the Blues. 10,000 rubles may be good for one person but not for the company. In organizations, as a rule, more resources than you can even imagine, especially with large corporations. You have to prepare for the conversation, to weigh. For themselves asking, not for others.

Keep in mind that when you are talking about very large amounts, that before you can sit the man who under any circumstances can’t guarantee this, because of similar issues, which featured such amounts are considered and radical proposals to be resolved on top.

In conversation about money there is nothing uncomfortable. It is quite natural that any work should be paid. Especially when doing a little more.

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