Excellent knives and multitools for future trips

The may suggest a need to go to the country to spend time. You’ll have to spend some time in the fresh air, sleeping in a tent and eat barbecue, so convenient knives and multitools will be required of you, if not now, then in the summer when it will be the same for the frequent hikes.

The first joy of the tourists in our list Buck 941 Travelmate Kit Chocolate Paperstone Knife. To call it a multitool difficult, it is a kit for eating outdoors or when no other Cutlery. This set consists of two disconnects items: a knife and fork. The plug is equipped with a useful ledge with which to open the bottle, but that’s not all she has in stock. Cutlery include: can opener, corkscrew, flat screwdriver, and can serve as a spatula for turning foods on the grill. 4.8-inch blade table knife is made of stainless steel and features serrated sections for better slicing and chopping. The length of each Cutlery — of 9.87 inches. The weight of the multitool 100 grams. The cost is $ 45. Made in USA, lifetime warranty included.


The following blade — Ka-Bar BK11 Becker Necker Neck Knife. This lightweight knife that can be used for throwing. In the economy it is also useful. Yj; even for decoration it will fit: light blade in the pouch can be hung on the neck.

The blade is made of chrome vanadium steel. The handle is made of fiberglass. Included is a nylon carrying case. Corporate seal Ka-Bar Becker available as a guarantee of quality. Knife weight is 68 grams. Length — 6 inches. The cost of the blade — $ 48 made in the USA.


Morakniv Companion — than for military enthusiasts. It is suitable for economic needs of airsofters and hunters. Avid hikers he, too, will like, mostly due to the coloring. The knife blade is made of carbon steel. Blade thickness — 2,5 mm, blade length — 104 mm, length 219 mm Weight — 116 g. Plastic cover securely locks the knife without the possibility of attack. The color of the cover — khaki, also in a plastic «sheath» is for fastening the belt. The manufacturer gives 1 year warranty. The cost of the knife — $ 15. Cheap and worthy.


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