EvilTron — a device that will help you to scare anyone!


In this world there certainly are a lot of terrible things, but they say there is nothing worse than our imaginations. Or what it draws.

Before you portable funny practical joke that will help you scare up in stitches your friend, girlfriend or relatives. Or the guy left for beautiful shots on YouTube.

Size EvilTron not more than the largest coin, but the effect that he will make will be worth all the money in the world. We place it where will be our friend and wait. There is a choice of 5 sound can produce EvilTron: creepy whisper, «Hey, can you hear me?», sinister laughter, a terrible laughter of a child, scratching at the surface of the unknown and the famous disturbing creak. The device has a function of a random sound selection.

The device is charged from battery CR2032 format that holds long enough. Built-in magnet allows the device to «hide» in the most remote places, so the effect was more than unexpected. The sound changes with the click of a button.

To buy such a miracle for only $ 10, and the joy of a hundred!

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