Everything you wanted to know about periodic fasting

intermittent fasting

Last week we told why you should try intermittent fasting. This week we decided to delve into the subject.

What is it?

Intermittent fasting is not even a diet, and eating. Its essence is that you a major amount of time hungry, and eat in small intervals. The main three options such.

1. 16/8

For 16 hours a day you don’t eat, and is permitted to take food in 8 hours. Now many skip Breakfast and eat somewhere in the afternoon until nine at night. In this framework is periodic fasting.

2. 24-hour fasting once a week

Just a day without food.

3. The diet of a warrior

The rest of the day is late afternoon to afford a bit of calories, and before going to bed to eat a solid dinner.

What do I recommend?

I would start with the first program. You can transform the first schema into the second spontaneously, if it just turns out because of the schedule, or if you ate enough during the day.

Regarding the warrior diet, I doubt it: it’s hard for me to find about it meaningful information, and to order from an online store expensive a book in English for such cases I pass. If someone knows about this topic, leave feedback in the comments.

Why does it work?

I will try to be as short as possible.

Intermittent fasting optimizes hormones and uses fat reserves as fuel. If you adhere to a certain diet, most of you will notice the result.

Now a little chat. Hormones — our all. When people say something like «I have a good inheritance», they mean «I have everything in order with the hormones.»

For example, a man whose body produces 1200 nanograms of testosterone per deciliter of blood, has enormous advantages in front of the man, whose body is only capable of 500 ng/DL (both within normal limits). The first, probably, and mesomorph, all day can eat chocolate and still look like the Hulk.

I’m trying to say with this analogy? Hormones are very important. Hormones, and not the opportunity to eat chocolate and look like the Hulk, if you stick to this diet.

As I said, intermittent fasting, maybe 2-3 times to increase the testosterone level.

It is impossible for the eye to determine the increase of testosterone, but we all know that when we eat, the level drops. The fewer meals you make in an 8-hour window, the more testosterone will be produced and remain in your body.

Insulin sensitivity also increases, and your body starts to more effectively use incoming food.

More importantly, your body begins harder to burn fat because during the greater part of the day, he have nowhere to draw energy. While you are starving, the body takes energy from fat reserves.

Finally, to adhere to such a schedule is much easier than this constant «eat, don’t eat». Just tell yourself that there is a schedule easily. Especially when your level of ghrelin (the hormone that makes you feel hunger) will adapt to the new eating schedule.

Macronutrients and calories

So, counting nutrients and calories that you consume, this is useful information, but not the ends.

I talked about my vendetta counting calories before, and now a new portion.

When you reduce calories, you, of course, lose some weight. However, your body will respond by increasing leptin levels and slows the metabolism. It’s a vicious circle, it’s stupid for people who want to lose a lot of weight because they will reduce their intake of calories until their metabolism and does not collapse to hell.

So you, of course, it is necessary to monitor the amount of calories consumed, but still focus on eating nutritious food and not manic podschitany every gram that is sent to the mouth. Just eat good food, less processed food, and calories will somehow be less.


That’s a difficult question. Alcohol contains calories, and you don’t want to break the regime. The best way to figure out what day you’re going to drink, and to accommodate a drink in the very eight hours. For example, if you start eating at five in the evening, you can drink until midnight.

When to train

Plan the training schedule is not easy, but there is one General rule for periodic fasting: most of your calories should be consumed after exercise.

So better first a bit to eat, then work out (or exercise on an empty stomach, which is not bad, especially if you’re used to). Starting from this principle, you can schedule training at any time. To decide when to eat and when to starve you.

General questions

Is it safe?

I’m not a doctor and won’t pretend to understand them. But this diet is safe as any other modern diet.

Muscle will not go away?

Catabolic processes begin in the body even later than 24 hours previously to metabolize muscle into energy, he certainly will not start. It is a myth, born of companies producing food additives. They’re forcing you to buy protein shakes with the fear that your muscles deflate. It’s not true.

Not Breakfast the most important meal?

This myth has spread, because if people don’t get Breakfast, they begin to eat heavily during the day to reward yourself. The rest is not true.

On such a diet grow muscle?

So, intermittent fasting just created for this. It increases the level of growth hormone, so eat more to grow.

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