Everything you wanted to know about cardio

manygoodtips.com_21.02.2014_HoHzbmlNIhak6Cardio is a great topic for debate. The majority is interested in sports, people are divided into two types: the adepts of cardio and reformers of its ineffectiveness. The nature of the stereotype about the magical benefits of cardio for weight loss is clear: at school we were taught that fat people should run around and jump rope, and then they will succeed. Recently with the proliferation of fitness people are starting to learn that Jogging for weight loss not enough, and their pattern is destroyed. The disillusions are experiencing painful: argue, swear, don’t want to believe. We must give them time.

Don’t think of cardio as a benefit: they really help to lose weight, good for the heart and increase stamina in the gym and in the bedroom. However, too much cardio is bad enough: you don’t get stronger without gaining muscle mass and work to his own detriment. Especially cardio at the gym — it is a dubious prospect. What is the meaning to transfer a part of their work, when you and without it can perfectly run, jump rope and ride a bike?

How much cardio is «too much»? What cardio is the most harmful? What do you do with him? Today we will try to answer these questions.

Typical mistakes

We tend to overestimate the benefits of cardio and too them to get involved. What are the most ardent delusion?

  • Dudes think one run is enough to train their legs. In fact, you need a systematic and high loads, and not a sidewalk.
  • To overdo it with cardio high intensity. It is unlikely that you at least once in your life seen a guy who walks too many, but crazy exhausting workout — it please. But really any good.
  • A morning jog. Unless you want to run a marathon, you have no need to run for an hour several times a week.
  • Exercises on the biceps. The biceps is a very small muscle group, it is absurd so much attention to only one of the biceps.

What is cardio better for weight loss?

Ideal exercises for problem areas, weaknesses and imbalances: intense exercise with small rest between sets. Exercises should be intense enough that you have increased heart rate, but should not exhaust you, as a regular cardio. However, sprint is still a thing.

Are also great high intensity workout combined with cardio of low intensity (e.g., 45 minutes). Training with intervals is the choice for those who have little time. Imagine going a couple of stops on foot, then doing my workout — and here it is, the perfect combination. Thus, works your whole body and muscles tense up in a natural way. Another bonus is not injured joints.

Cardio and weight

Cardio does not prevent weight gain, it even helps in this case, if you do it right. If you’re a bad heart, you will not be able to train intensively. It’s simple. So you need to combine cardio with strength training.

The main thing — do not overdo it with cardio. You can’t swing, and then leave the room and run ten kilometers, because otherwise it will not be visible to the press. The best way to Wake up early and go for a walk in the morning. Take the player, listen to a podcast and take a walk for half an hour. And health to use, and contemplation.

Cardio prevent weight gain, only those dudes who, in principle, it is difficult to type it out. When people deliberately avoid cardio, they get fat and lose their ability to effectively train. Two sessions of 20 minutes a week — and you’re done. Heart-you still have to be in shape.

It is ineffective cardio

First and foremost, it exercises that perform for you the part of the job. Secondly, it is slow and sad, tightened obscenely cardio.

Strangely enough, in the same category falls the long runs. Endurance does not harm anyone, but here the problem is the discrepancy of results to the effort invested. To run for 15 km is inefficient unless you’re goal is to become more resilient. Choose the type of cardio should match your goals: one thing the weight, other weight loss and the third part in the marathon.

Walking on a flat surface just for breathing — is not the best option. The movement is great, walking is useful, but if you’re already in shape, this will help you be in better shape. To climb stairs or a hill — that’s better. Leave a walk for older people, and pick something more serious.

The best kind of cardio

Many fitness gurus agree that it is a sprint. He coached breathing, reaction, speed and force of muscles because you do a lot of different movements. In addition, this load of high intensity. Sprints won’t hurt your knees and will charge you with energy.

If you don’t have a specific goal to lose weight or to build muscle mass, running doesn’t hurt. To run useful and pleasant, then no one will argue.

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