Everything you wanted to know about car hire abroad

manygoodtips.com_14.10.2016_vCmZLQLUWWdKZThere are in the US, this glorious tradition: right after graduation the American teenagers appears all the year round to relax and «find myself» — it’s called Gap Year. Young Chicks travel around the world to volunteer in South Africa, to try all the delights of the «red streets» in Amsterdam or Pat the bear in cold Russia. Unfortunately, in our country is still alive the tradition of «scoop» and time for self-discovery just doesn’t happen — no school or after University or even in retirement. Only know that work and earn a living and the mortgage.

Now, it is time for the battered, but always relevant thoughts: «never too late to change your life.» You will be surprised, when you realize that to give up everything and go halfway around the world to swim across the Amazon river or to make love with a Brazilian waitress — it is not difficult. A lot of people sooner or later take a plane ticket and travel dreams. So why don’t you pack a bag and not rush into crazy adventure that can forever turn your world and even the meaning of life?

If the previous paragraph you read at home, and now standing in Melbourne airport and waiting for further instructions, it’s time to think about the means of transportation. Remember the great Ostap and boldly say «no» walking, and at the same time public transport and taxis. You’re the master of your tour and so for the wheel to sit you supposed to at any time go to a cozy place and transfer relationship with a pretty fellow traveler to a new level. The problem lies in two things: your own car to another country, to take difficult, but the rent on the place — it is incomprehensible and strange. Unfortunately, we don’t know services for fast transportation of four-wheeled friends, but will gladly help you fill out the ridiculous paper for «Ford» in rent.

The first thing to Wake up the crowd the ubiquitous taxi drivers and look. Car hire is always near airports, railway stations, hotels in any country.

For example, the Russian service eAvtoprokat has around 20 thousand points of car rental in 150 countries of the world — theoretically, even in Syria and Uganda, although due to the unstable situation in these two States, the service strongly advises not to rely on local landlords.Of course, it would be correct to place an order with them in advance so you can choose where to pick up the car, where to give, and for how many days she will be yours, and at the same time to see all the options — from «Toyota» to «Nisan». There all in Russian, conveniently and in rubles, and at the same time, you can learn how many people, meanwhile, had eyes for your choice.

manygoodtips.com_14.10.2016_d72yVvo361XolBesides, if pre-booked service will know about the possible delay of your flight and you’ll get the car right then and where it is needed. But if the point you missed, do not worry — all almost the same, only not at once and in the local language. If you have already passed the required language courses, no problems. By the way, of course, you know how to drive? OK, we just asked — because there you need an international driving license (in the US, Europe and elsewhere enough Russian), and also the passport and a voucher, if you ordered the car on the website. A minimum of documents!

Know, you already can not wait to press the gas and go fast on the highway (or prairies), but to avoid misunderstandings and tragedies in the future, it is useful to understand how this system works, and what will happen to you if the car you son of a bitch at the next intersection, where to take it after on the road and can put on the dashboard nodding dog. Actually, this deters many from rent — a stranger to the property, but still so expensive, always lies a stone on the heart. But if you know the rules, the trip will not Mar the heavy thoughts, and you will be able to fully enjoy the wind in your hair or a light gust of air conditioning under the immortal Paint It Black.

For starters, the car is insured and a certain percentage for its potential damage is already included in the payment amount. To pay for the scratches, a dent and a broken engine if you really were to blame — a traffic violation, I filled the wrong fuel, I filled up before the trip with all sorts of substances… in General, behaved like a typical Mick Jagger in the best years. Also, you will have to pay for petrol, car wash or damage to the interior, in particular equipment, and also painting the car purple (bweee!).

In all other cases, not to sweat, because insurance in General is on your side — the loss of keys, towing (these two points, however, depend on the rental company), kidnapping and repair do not require any extra costs. But don’t in the event of an accident himself to rush into the nearest service to repair the car — even if it is not your fault, the losses will not reimburse you. If there is time, call the office and explain the situation, but if you’re hiding from the government special agent, then perhaps, it just hurt and should stay that way.

Work.kom.ua_14.10.2016_21QXVYgBT9yBCNow for the good. A normal car usually offers to make your life easier, the additional amount providing a chair for your rug rat or the second driver, if you drive far beyond the horizon. The GPS system also is not given by default, and costs about thousand roubles a day. Moreover, on the website, you can announce additional wishes: for example, in the front seat waiting for you angry Chihuahua in a studded collar, and so did the bassist, the nurse and the Prime Minister of Liechtenstein. Oh, and all this in a Prius painted Khokhloma.

And, of course, another privilege gives a pleasant feeling that everything is in your hands — the ability to change the order at any time. Life is full of surprises, and is a small car you may suddenly need an SUV (what you don’t like the option?). You can even cancel your booking at least one hour before arrival, only need to pay a nominal sum, which will go to the extra traffic service workers. Don’t worry, the Deposit will return in full. And, of course, necessary in any case to pay for the service «Help on the road»: that is, if you suddenly put the battery, ruined the tire or got in an accident.

And although the text turned out there is a lot to understand and take advantage of this service simple. In fact, it is a trifle easier which is what a ticket to the Depeche Mode concert. Let some climb the rocks in search of panoramas for selfie you’ll see all desired types from the window, sitting in comfort and not sweating.

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