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manygoodtips.com_15.04.2014_FqVNK9MzyvEe8In our days it is difficult to understand what the person is able to do, and what it learns on the go, getting into Google from your smartphone, tablet or laptop. The Internet will be with you for the rest of your days, if you did from him not to leave, and so you are guaranteed to find a solution to any problem. Of course, if you do not go far outside the city. However, there are skills which they must possess without exception, all men, wherever they were. For example, it is desirable that you have been able without the help of a search engine to do battle with another man, if the circumstances so require, or to make a fire.

An obvious drawback of these skills, paradoxically, in their universality so common and taken for granted, that they are even in summary do not write. It’s not Excel and even Word.

Today’s column is dedicated to basic peasant skills, which some dudes to shame, I have so far. All the childhood they lost in computer games, youth squandered in bars, and now here you are, Google how to tie a tie.

If this fate is not spared you a party, do not rush to hang up his nose and indignant in the comments: now failure is the norm. You’re whole life could not,, Google does not reach the hands, and to ask shy? Today we will close for you these questions once and for all.

How to build a fire?

manygoodtips.com_15.04.2014_0EBvbqnqGNWkjThis is what we have already said a couple of paragraphs above. All need to be able to deal with fire, first of all, to call him back to life. Fire is the most important symbol of human civilization, and the center is associated in our culture with the comfort and homey. To build a fire, you need dry twigs, tinder (say, grass) and dry wood. Fold the branches thick with finger-hut, stuffed inside the dry grass, a flick of the wrist lights and watch with sheer detail burns the flame. Don’t forget to put serious thick wood! Detailed instructions are here, and we know how to make fire without matches.

You can stir scrambled eggs?

Work.com.ua_15.04.2014_PA4dKQuKhRFwwIn childhood, your culinary skills were limited to «boil the kettle». Later you learned to pour boiling water into a pan on the stove and cook sausages and eggs, and this is something. But the omelettes you always did mom (at least we hope it was and you were not abandoned to their fate, along with eggs and milk).

The first time you tried to make an omelet, I discovered that it’s not as easy as it seemed at first glance. Burning from the bottom, the top remains raw — what sorcery is this! In fact, stir the eggs… you can, and you’ll get a special kind of omelet that is called mixed. You can not mix — and then, if you develop the skill, it will rise up as in kindergarten.

How to replace the tire

manygoodtips.com_15.04.2014_dHVrtMgKo0lkNFinally, a serious business! Is difficult to know how to wield a Jack, you can just Unscrew the nuts and how to lower the car when you’re done its dirty (you have no idea how). The procedure is this: put the machine on a level surface, placed the stones. Raise the Jack a vehicle while not taking from the earth. Weaken the nuts, raise the car to the end, remove the tire, fasten the new and voila!

How to tie a tie?

manygoodtips.com_15.04.2014_SPhmZ132uAQ34Unless you work in a hard place, you and the clothes-iron through the times in order not to waste your precious time. Sitting in a serious company, you know how much I’ve underestimated this cramped and sometimes suffocating garment. Believe me: the first day you will not be surprised its informal appearance, being among the guys in shirts and polished shoes. A rabbit running out of the hole, runs around the tree and goes back in the hole — here is the short instruction on tying a tie. The more detailed you will find here.

How to go shopping?

manygoodtips.com_15.04.2014_IpWBVEYcoeG6fOnce you get tired of eating sausages, eggs, chips and take-away food, and weekly purchase firmly grounded in your list of weekend plans. You learn what in his time learned and your father, and your grandfather. As not to forget anything and not to buy too much? The most basic advice is to eat before going to the supermarket and write a shopping list, everything else is in the bottomless vaults of wisdom manygoodtips.com.

How to wash linen?

manygoodtips.com_15.04.2014_iVQV01nfdq3cgQuestion, overtaking the us with the beginning of self-conscious life. Now you’re responsible for your appearance and fullness dress wardrobe. The basic rule is, in principle, to erase, that is, to keep in mind that you have such a need. The schedule for Laundry is here.

How to dance?

manygoodtips.com_15.04.2014_Dto955QCF3PKZThe men dance, remember this once and for all. The dance is much easier to find a common language with the girl and to experience maximum pleasure from the alcohol. Remember: a good dancer is always relaxed and listening to music. Observing these two rules, you at least not embarrass yourself, and to show off, read our comprehensive guide.

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