Everything you need to know about girls

Working peculiarities of the female mind seem to us a mystery that is not so easy to decide. But it’s not as difficult as we think. The Outlook of women in my opinion, is the result of education and communication with women of a certain stock. If desired, friends can be understood, and especially for you I made a list of things that makes most girls want you more aware and better understand their motivation and behavior.

1. Girls judge you by your next

I have a friend Lyuba, which fundamentally meets with guys that come on first date Jogging sneakers. Girls pay a lot of attention to the external attributes, which, frankly, make sense. They may not like you walking around in torn sweater and dirty worn sneakers. Just so you know.

2. The maintenance of women is worth a lot of money

The more the girl any frills, the more often it appears in the new clothes than frilly her manicure and makeup, the more money it invests in itself. Some girls is enough to have a few things for the wardrobe, mascara, powder, a few pairs of shoes, a little jewelry, going to the gym and occasionally do a manicure, but this does not mean that she does not spend on their maintenance money. Very spend, dude. And if it is not spent on your wardrobe, kremiki, masks, makeup and other crap, it is, believe me, much worse. Much groomed a girl is bad.

3. If you want to talk to a girl, buy wine

Wine is a drink that drinks the most girls. If the conversation is not glued, order some wine and be afraid to let it pull at you huge flow of words.

4. Even if she just slept with you, she doesn’t mind if you wrote her

Girls hate incompleteness. If you have had just sex, she will not be offended. Tell her that sex was cool, she’ll love it and she’ll understand.

5. If you call another woman a prostitute, most of the girls are confident that you can deal with them as well

«Slut» is a word that terrifies women. Being a prostitute is bad, because it kind of small that use it and can’t get out of the car at any time. No girl wants to be a whore and if you call someone a prostitute, so in your eyes it is easy to lose the status of a person. That’s the psychology.

6. Regardless of what she tells you if you lost her trust, it is extremely difficult to return

Girls are at times vulnerable to us. Every new relationship, they meet with an open heart, and if you have a bad relationship in the past apply to all the dudes with suspicion. So if she loses confidence in you, she will have to wait for confirmation that you can be trusted. And to prove to her that you’re not «red», is difficult.

7. Girls love their hair

Tell them about it. Girls look after their hairs, because it is necessary for them to follow. If on her head, the brush of stiff hair, still praise she was trying to look like a independent boy.

8. Girls won’t dig into a man who smells bad

If you want your beautiful soul was seen, stop to smell bad. It discourages all desire. When you smell nice, willing to look at your beautiful soul so much more.

9. Girls talk a lot about sex … probably more than we

It is not strange that girls like to talk about sex significantly more than we do. Usually, we have some standards discuss sex with friends. So, the girls they are not. They can easily discuss the size, quality and quantity of sex and sexual instruments, and they do not think it is shameful. On the other hand, there are enough of moralistka that the sex did not say. Exactly.

10. To be a man-child or infantile boy is not attractive for girls

If girls are allowed to be darlings and little girls, then we do not allowed. Girls love dudes responsible adults who are not offended, don’t cry (or only over the «King-lion») and have a strong-willed chins. This is a fact of life, dude!

11. Girls are sure that your attitude toward women in your family — an indicator of your future relationship to them

If a girl sees that a guy treats his mother in the spirit of «bring-bring», she will be sure that it will be the same attitude. If the relation to the mother’s anxious, she will be sure that you will treat her the same way. Unfortunately, often it is not. Attitude to the mother of some dudes is a special girl that my relationship cannot achieve, it is a horrible fact, which should get rid of, but unfortunately, no one do not hurry.

12. Let chivalry is dead, but the girls genuinely want a special relationship

To open the door, to kiss her hand, take her in his arms — every girl secretly dreams of something like this. It’s cute, it shows a special relationship and makes the girl feel weak, no, this attitude allows you to feel special and unique.

13. Nice manicure, hairstyle or dress raise a woman’s mood

It’s just specific things that allow you to depart a little from reality. Bad? It is necessary to hand in the report? Girl beautifully dressed, and in the soul she, too, everything becomes beautiful, it’s a small but important boost.

14. Lonely girl in winter «acquire»

I remember we had an article about singles for a long time girls? So, girls who live alone for a long time and hope not for a relationship, prefer not to shave legs. For whom, they ask themselves? Was such a funny joke, «Anna shaves piscou because she is an optimist!», this is because of the Opera.

15. Girls like to lie about makeup

If you’re not on the beach, not in the gym or in bed on a Sunday morning, and the girl says she’s not wearing makeup. Most likely, it’s because she’s wearing not much. Powder, colorless shadow, blusher, mascara it can do. Girls want to be stunningly beautiful and natural, because someone told them that naturalness is cool, but it’s true.

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