Everything you need to know about classic shaving


How many male, so many lives on the planet tradition of shaving. It is believed that the first shave on the chin and even on the head of began senior the Sumerians and the Egyptians of the first dynasties — mainly for rituals or show. But before this was done the usual mercenaries and soldiers, and later the gladiators. In battle, it was very easy to grab the opponent by the beard, and a graceful gesture to slit that throat, so excessive facial hair had strict boundaries. Even Alexander the great have taken account of this simple strategy and ordered his soldiers to constantly monitor the appearance.In General, the tastes of the rulers dictated the fashion for the presence or absence of the beard: even the American soldiers during the Civil war released their imitation of Abraham Lincoln. And of course, we all remember Peter the great’s decree, which, despite the denial of the Orthodox people, introduced a tax on his beard, and sometimes shaved his own solitary nobles, so that they were «Europeans». Here I must admit that reluctantly shave that with a razor blade it was pretty dangerous, painful and tedious. And just examples of monarchs and the potential to have parasites sometimes outweighed the failure of the procedure.

Only at the beginning of the 20th century, this turmoil subsided: in 1895, an ordinary 40-year-old traveling salesman named king camp Gillette invented this razor, which is clamped interchangeable. Only 6 years later he managed to find a partner for the establishment of production and to establish The Gillette Company, a firm which for two years made him a millionaire. Unfortunately, in 1929, the U.S. broke the collapse of the exchanges, which became the beginning of the great depression what year the inventor has lost the place of the Director, went bankrupt and died after 3 years.


But the legacy remains: soon there were electric shaver, and science on the hygiene reached the people, and people finally recognized that shaving is still a thing necessary and useful. And one of the new generation locomotives has become the brand Edwin Jagger, which appeared in 1988, and since then literally conquered the entire world — except for modern high-quality blades, the company’s assortment includes accessories for shaving.

However, even today, some prefer the so-called «dangerous» razors, in fact almost do not bite, if you know how to use them. Their design, handles of wood or bone and high quality durable blades made of carbon steel is difficult to attribute to the past centuries — now these are really modern and safe.


This can be the love of retro or a tribute to traditions, but anyway, classic shaving is still running phenomenon that will soon sink into oblivion. If you have decided that it is time to return fashion to the 19th century or, in your schedule there was an extra hour, or did you just suddenly fell in love with the movie «Sweeney Todd», you can read the brief instructions on the use of bladed razor that during shaving does not happen any incident.


For starters a wet towel with hot water and firmly press to face, until it (the towel) to cool. Next, prepare the container with the same hot water and wet her brush-a shaving brush. Whip the lather (on the face, can in the tank) and cut it the entire hairy surface of the dense layer. The excess off with a towel (still hot) — this will eliminate oil from the skin, allowing the passage of moisture.

If the hair is too rough, will have to wait about five minutes, but I guess during this time the soap will dry and will have to repeat the procedure. Importantly, the layer was thicker. When you pick up the razor, stretch the skin on the treated area and bring the blade at an angle of 20 degrees. In any case, don’t push it, otherwise the cut is inevitable!Such approaches have to do three times that the result was decent. Note that if the beard has grown to the level of «priest» or even soloists ZZ Top, before the third time the blade better change. The greatest danger lies in wait for you in the end, especially when the time came to tweak the pots and neck — be very careful and keep ready a bandage and hemostatic powder.


If all goes well (don’t think the first time get a perfect score), after this tricky mission it will be necessary to wash off the foam with cold water and apply oil, to avoid any further irritation. Thoroughly dry the razor and brush-shaving brush after washing, hang the brush down to dry. In General, I advise you to go through a similar procedure at the hairdresser’s — they are still in the course of this «instrument of labor» — and look at practical demonstration. Just keep in mind that barbers movements more sharp and refined, so don’t copy the technique, and remember the basics. And if the steel quality, then a few hours or days, the blade itself will be restored.

There are a couple of things you need to always remember. In any case do not keep the shaver in the bathroom — he needs to understand that moisture on metal is like a slow death. Never go with an open blade around the house — don’t think, don’t try! And a little tip: three events are suitable for those who want completely smooth skin; others should leave a little stubble that the girl was to be hooked thin fingers — they like it. But otherwise, the same tips apply T-shaped razors that are somewhat safer.


And then, and it is considered archaic, but still classic shaving is one of the few traditions of the past centuries, which give us the opportunity to feel like a real man. In the «Unbearable loneliness» you can find the lovely comment: each man has the privilege of once in a lifetime view, not attending to his beard. And people have the privilege to decide how long he will use this right. So if you are not afraid of difficulties, it’s time to show them who’s boss.

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