Everything is very bad: extremely poor living trends

manygoodtips.com_14.03.2014_lMB7o21qJzutEMany understand that to be a lazy fatty who drinks and smokes m*dakoutun man is a bad trend. But very often we don’t notice a huge life ass gradually sneaks up on us. We don’t want to admit doing something wrong, we don’t want to admit that we have problems, instead, we begin to be lazy and to do what is so nicely called rationalization, defensively in front of myself and other people. Once I already wrote about unhappy people who are quite satisfied with their situation, but it makes sense today to write about how you evolved from a normal person become insecure vegetable, which, come to think of it, quite satisfied with their situation. There are food and drink? So you can live.

How to see a very bad life trends and how do they look? Try to understand.

1. Attend seminars and trainings on personal growth and a pickup truck

We start immediately with a cancerous tumor consciousness. Usually a detailed visit to hell, where you say banal things or any thing that cannot be put into practice, suffering or short-sighted that they read very little. suckers, or those who are extremely well disappointed in life. That’s the past, should tell us more.

On pickup training cultural growth, I have heard from those people who have endured the collapse in some kind of activity. The guy for a long time does not work with girls? In conversation flashes a few words about the lessons of the pickup and textbooks. Comrade three times in a row fails in a relationship, being in the friend zone, then something strange? Right, in a very short time, he suddenly is interested in pickup.

Pickup is as homeopathy and folk healing cold cucumbers for the terminally ill: they turn to him when it seems nothing else helps. The efficiency of pick-up and trainings of internal growth approaching efficiency diluted in a liter of water molecules some of the drug and the cucumber, carefully tucked in the ass to the rhythm: «Oh, Bel-combustible stone Alatyr!».

2. You start a lot methodically and monotonous to eat

It is determined that you come home after work, buying on the way one delicious and very nutritious Chow (or several), go home, turn on the series, anime or online toy, eat, drink beer and spend every weekday.

It’s extremely shitty sign, dude. In a nutshell, you replace the treatment and to fill a spiritual void with food. The food is excellent replacement. This is a relatively cheap and affordable fun, which helps you to brighten the gray days. A friend of mine after breaking up with the girl brought home KFC, one of my friend after two years without a relationship was every evening to eat cheese Dor blue, my other friend is now every day after work, eating halva and well rounded, a few years ago, I also indulged in a cookie with chocolate chips.

So you’re trying to run away from problems. And it’s not the most brilliant way to do it. Problems need to be solved, not to seize them and try to forget. It is difficult to say exactly how we become slaves to food. When we are flooded with a mountain of problems, we go to the store, see a treat, decide what is an urgent need to pamper yourself and fall into dependence on food. If you «seize» their problems for more than two months, all bad. But, if anything, we know any good ways to remove the alarm without fear of becoming a fat ass.

3. Too lazy to completely obsess

We all are lazy, who is more and who less. A normal person, not on the path of self-destruction, in General, can fight against laziness quite well, occasionally allowing himself liberties in the form of dirty dishes at once or a snack on the way home. The man who has all chances to become an amoeba in the near future, laziness to fight not lazy successfully wins battle after battle, and our hero falls into lazy apathetic state.

That he is too lazy to clean the apartment, I’m not saying the apartment long shit. Dude too lazy to cook so that he or eats only semi-finished products, or eat fast food, or is hungry. Sometimes it so happens that the man years of not eating homemade food and is able to sit the whole day hungry, because he is too lazy to roll out into the street to the store and buy at least sausages. This guy is even too lazy to go to work, he can sleep for half an hour and instead of jump up, get dressed and run to the bus stop, call the boss, call in sick and just going to sleep. Sometimes assholes just don’t go to work and don’t warn anyone. Every day he becomes more and more. Today it is considered acceptable to cook a sausage, and now he is so lazy to do it, he just buys ready meals. Today he warms up, and tomorrow he will be too lazy to put a sandwich from Subway in the microwave, press the button and wait a minute. I say this based on my personal experience. Towards the end of school he was like this for some time, and I like enough.

4. Neglect their appearance and hygiene

This item is a logical continuation of the previous one, because if you’re too lazy to eat normally, you’ll trim the beard at the jawline and twist his mustache with a special wax. Although there are different cases.

A mutual friend of my wife just had all the destructive life trends described in this article. At home she was an epic, incredible mess, which was legendary. She didn’t eat at home for obvious reasons never. But what is most unpleasant — she completely neglected his appearance and hygiene banal. The girl could not bathe for weeks, perfume spraying and blowing to work. She could stand to smoke, and what was to go to work. The division between home clothes and on the way out familiar did not recognize.

Follow a iron shirt, put on clean clothes and brushing teeth are ordinary things that makes every man who is not yet on the path of destruction. To gain a little bit excess weight or wear a unclean shirt everyone can afford. Another thing to run itself, and to neglect those rules of hygiene which make you dirty, smelly and unbearable for the people around. This includes wearing the same clothes for weeks, the entry of pounds from the constant munchies and uncontrolled fouling hair and facial vegetation. Ugh, to be that way.

5. Complete abandonment of life aspirations and ambitions

I have an amazing University friend. Dude worked two times in my life, the second time one month. 30. Higher system administrator, he never rose, lives dependent girls and moms, the best time purchase nine litres of cheap beer and drinking it in the company of the eternal students and people decently. He also plays online games, and I’ve never seen a guy who would know about all the new MMORPG in recent years and tried them all. If the guy to ask about what he will do in the next five years, he will raise you to laugh. Dude doesn’t know what he will be doing tomorrow, and don’t want to think about it. In fact, the reason is simple — it almost completely destroyed itself. He killed all the desire though to what. Perhaps he never knew what he truly wants from life, but most importantly — he didn’t want to know.

Not to say that he’s an amoeba, no, he’s a pretty interesting dude. But his passivity, the absence of at least some movements and banal parasitism terribly oppressed me.

Saw these tendencies, man? Take care of yourself, friend!

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