Everything is killing us — benefits

manygoodtips.com_14.09.2016_S7Cte7bbRnS9SAs sung a wonderful song: «whatever does not kill us — we do not buy». Well done to the authors, one can see not afraid of difficulties. Although they sing about drugs and booze… But that doesn’t change the fact that we should not fear those things that according to many are the cause of depression and human failure. Trust me, you’re just wrong to treat them, actually, they do have their uses, and not the smallest.


Failures give only reason to start over more intelligently. Honest failure is not shameful; shameful fear of failure.

– Henry Ford –old Russian tradition, when life was found failure, send all to hell, folding his hands and worry about your unrealized potential. Probably, people love to rely on signs of destiny. Did not work — so that you don’t need. Bankrupt business-you will never be a millionaire. Did not grow together with the girl go to wankers. And if this still and parents got upset, we all get a lifetime ban, go work as a loader, box are already.

Well, we do not have enough patience to gather my thoughts, analyze the situation, wash your face with the freshness of truth, to throw up from disappointment, shake off doubt, drink a glass of a new life lesson on a silver platter gave you a failure, and go on to conquer the summit. Indeed, any failure is the pattern of your wrong actions. This is not the final stop with a fatal outcome, and a pit stop. So you need to gather, to perform, to move up a little bit and again, with Sisyphean tenacity, but have learned from bitter experience to take up the old. Any failure is a life lesson, and very talented businessmen know how it is valuable.


manygoodtips.com_14.09.2016_0JPqBDsWFCtSEWhose biography will not read the same phrase «Criticism makes me stronger», «Criticism helps me to work on the bugs», and only Anton Chekhov scolded critics:

Knockers usually are those people who would have been poets, historians, biographers, if they could, but having tried their talents in these or other areas, and having failed, decided to deal with criticism.

– A. Chekhov –But had every right, because he’s a genius. However, even geniuses need to be substantive and legitimate criticism, and shows its perfection and flaws, what he was talking about Alexander Alexandrovich Bestuzhev, the man in whom had more talent than departments in the average University. You can be three times sure he is right, but what good will that do if your message is not clear to people? As you can see in the right direction you’re moving or not, if you do not listen to criticism? Do not confuse it with Waterston, beautiful, healthy criticism does not bear the purpose to impress you, rather it acts as an assistant. No matter how incompetent was not your critic, what an ugly face he had, no matter how stupid he was, still listen because even in the words of the Holy fool as a benefit. Criticism need to move with gratitude, and not to freak out, and run away to complain to mom that the stupid world doesn’t understand you.


Much worse than criticism — outright blatant catersto. When a person criticizes not your act, but just crenosoma you worth. To please everyone is absolutely impossible.

You will be successful — will cause envy, despicable, bald and pimply bastards. Will this bastard — you will be despised more successful. But if, with all this, you’re acting very brightly and defiantly, without Haight not do. Some, such as popular 3 years ago, letsplay yuzya, riding the roof, and some how became a big after a recent matches the national team of Russia, Fyodor Smolov (all really talent) write in social networks: «Thank you haters you make me stronger». And it would be better to behave like Fyodor, because we hear about it every week, and about Juzju for two years already as the word. Haters — it is only «specialists with the world level, which from the cellar know better how to act and what to do.» In short, homosexuals are in every sense of the word, who need to assert themselves at your expense.And before you stands diametrically opposed task — to prove their background is stupid and poisonous Haight, who’s handsome and talent. Therefore, try to interpret Haight as an incentive.

The death of loved ones

manygoodtips.com_14.09.2016_GpRN2l29wd1U6The sad and inevitable event, which has more than resentment and insult. This pain may not release until the end of life, and, unfortunately, to avoid it there is absolutely no way. You can, of course, to quarrel with all, and live in splendid isolation, despising everyone, but what’s the use of this life.

Life without close and native man at first it seems repugnant, but over time, tragedy has become a grief, and life regains the lost paint. It turns out that it is possible to enjoy life, most importantly do not hesitate to do it in memory of the deceased, perhaps he or she would be nicer to see you happy. The main thing-not to withdraw into themselves, to survive the tragedy, and after that will come an understanding — there is nothing worse than such a loss, everything else — works of life and it is solved.

Expensive things

I recently got a new iPhone: does not sink in water, not afraid of fire, its boasts a camera, and the light shines. To buy very rudimentary version, you need to pay 57 000 rubles for the version Plus and even more — 86 000, thank God, rubles. And as the geniuses from Cupertino for a long time thinking how to get out, found nothing better than to get rid of a legendary 3.5 mm headphone Jack. Now wireless headphones, and they must take an additional 13 000.


The question is, whence such money at the simple student? How to be fashionable in a world where good things are expensive, but good shoes do not fall below 10 000? Moreover, there are a lot of experts who say that you should only buy high-quality goods, although this position is only adequate from the point of view of an idiot. After this it is not surprising to bury my head in inferiority and stop shedding crocodile tears about their own insolvency.Still, the inaccessibility of higher good not as bad as it may seem. After all, some it stimulates, and causes by hook or by crook to make money on them, simultaneously developing and struggling.

Other all of these benefits freeze so that they begin to form their own style, their own uniqueness. Let them have the money, but the principle will stand out from this pretentious crowd of fans of expensive consumer goods. That’s what non-conformism is good.

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