Everything is better with stainless steel


Strangely enough, the postulate «Everything is better with stainless steel» works in virtually all spheres of human life. Hell, the guys who produce things for the West «men’s» online stores, exactly sure.

Before us is the brainchild of the creators of which was guided by the principle of «stainless steel is the most manly material,» a credit card holder… stainless steel. Of course, the owner is not fully made from stainless steel, to be precise, it is made just case. On top of the usual brute stretched canvas and film, to touch softly, people who have bought this strange thing, very happy: say convenient, to say, the map holds up well.

With the appearance of a conventional owner. For example, we do not understand why do we need it… this holder. In our opinion, the thing is quite useless, really. But the good news is that it is made according to the latest paranoid Western fashion: it protects from scanning the card information. It seems to us it has not yet reached.

There is such joy $ 30.

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