Everything from wood, to the best

All our life is bright, the road is paved not with stone and wood. It surrounds and accompanies us from birth in the form of a wooden baby cot and even toys. Not like in the joke about wooden toys, nailed to the floor, and normal. In school we are writing in notebooks, made of wood. Children do on a wooden bed. We prepare kebabs with the help of burning wood. In a deep stinking of old age rely on a wooden stick and in the end lie in a wooden coffin. As if it’s not far, technical progress, a tree is a tree. Not come up with material more comfortable and perhaps more beautiful. From the wood emanates warmth, and in the words of the guru, the treatment of hemorrhoids cucumbers doctor Popov: «May the power of the earth.» Wood elegant and stand out from the crowd of dull plastic clones. In the end, the tree is respectable, with proper treatment of course. Only the range of wooden accessories is much wider than you might think, and often they have a lot better. Don’t believe? Let’s see.

manygoodtips.com_15.10.2015_fxabtBCUs5qvw Let’s start with the points – a product familiar, but no less interesting. Wooden, of course, the frame, lenses. The wooden frame is the small detail that needed to way began to play.

Points for those who respect the classics, but love all fashion. If you want to stand out from the boring «bespectacled» crowd, jaded, vague, as the election of the Governor, all plastic and metal rims, but to stand out with elegance, not flagrantly, that other options simply can not be. Always current brown color, beauty, elegance (look great with a suit, and dirty dud after Saturday’s booze) and that is always important for wood products, the quality.

manygoodtips.com_15.10.2015_uVVuTXGbNqmiZ Well and God with them, with sunglasses on them, you yourself must have heard. But the wooden handbags? Have many in my head flashed the image of a wooden box of grenades, bound to it with rope. And we are talking about a harsh and very beautiful men’s briefcases. If you thought it was a heavy wooden boxes, which do not bend and crack, then hasten to surprise you. Made as regular bags, only natural (and we suggest only high quality products), the skin sunk into wooden plates from the expensive, well-drained tree species: there is an Indian rosewood, walnut, and… then there just no! All best – to children!

This is one of those things that makes a man respectable, and not Vice versa, so the free artist, ageusia of life in wide jeans and weeks wearing the same shirt he is unlikely to be suitable. Because manual work is done on the conscience, and looks very interesting, anything spectacular iPhones.

manygoodtips.com_15.10.2015_hFzmR85Y6gYtG Well, if you took a bag, you are obliged to take a wooden bumper… not machines. For phone. While in our country (and other countries too) the overwhelming majority uses Iphone 5 and 5S, we are pleased to offer. With time and Galaxy, HTC hands reach, and is the only way.

Many probably think that since the product is made of wood, it will be literally unaffordable. Not at all. The difference in weight is almost there, but the smartphone will look respectable and stylish. Us cynics, especially surprised by the fact that the bumpers, everything else, still perfectly protects the phone from the cruel outside world. We thought that after passed tests on cruelty bumper will resemble chopped, covered in ticks shield Viking. It turned out, we underestimated the sandalwood (which he made) and the quality of production. Only 2 mm, but better protection of the interior Ministry. The bumper looked pristine and untouched. Although the crash test we called the most cruel Android fan.

manygoodtips.com_15.10.2015_b1pdNBqRLS9Jo Well, in addition to our wooden theme, I want to talk about one thing. In our time men finally remembered that it is better their meat can’t cook one. Only mom and grandma, but it is sacred! And in order to not turn into downright disgusting, need cutting. And the main thing now. Now many people purchase plastic or glass boards. Conveniently, supposedly, the germs do not accumulate in the notches, and it serves longer. But, dear heart, accumulate the germs and in the plastic, so my carefully. And that lasts longer, choose a good quality Board. We’ll even show you where to take it. In the end, each house is a wooden Board, which is at least 20 years. And nothing, it still the same and will serve. And these will last 100 years. For the few that are made to last from wood, the quality of the best domestic automobile industry, so also convenient. They shred, listening to Bach just a song, no slides, everything is convenient. Oh, and most importantly, rude. Boards made of different wood species, so you can choose at their discretion, almost like a stick in the universe of «Harry Potter».

Men’s kitchen is like this, but only if well sharpened knives, meat chosen the best, but only wooden boards, but still aggressive.

And lovers of exotic can recommend wooden utensils carved from solid oak. Oak is known to be a mighty tree, even after his death (that is, the boards), so will last products for a long time. This dish emanates the medieval feast, a milk prosami, wine and chivalry. Want to be a knight – eat from wooden bowls.

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