Everyone should have a pocket knife

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Pocket knife was a necessary item that a man carried with him. Always had my wallet, keys and your tested pocket knife.

History toarmanna nord

In the 1st century ad the Romans created the first folding pocket knife. They made this the subject of the compact so it was easy to carry soldiers and researchers, constantly go on trips or military campaigns. However, pocket knives eventually lost its popularity.

By the end of the 16th century, pocket knives began to gain popularity. They were especially popular in the American colonies. From the farmer to the lawyer, men of all layers of society began to wear them. A great portable instrument, the pocket knife was a useful thing that helped with various tasks, including eating on the road.

Pocket knives were an essential tool for soldiers throughout American history. New York and new Hampshire demanded that the police wore pocket knives during the American Revolution. Even George Washington had his copy since he headed troops. The U.S. Navy began issuing pocket knives to sailors during the Civil war. During the Second World war, the pocket knife was a part of the uniforms of the us armed forces.

Men wore pocket knives for many centuries. But with increasing security requirements at airports and other buildings, knives have been disappearing from men’s pockets. But I still believe that it is not motivating men to throw pocket knives at all. The carrying of a pocket knife is a male tradition that should be continued and transferred to the next generations.

Why people dshould wear toarmanna ncoolant?

How many times have you been in a situation when I had to say: “Curse! Whatever is very useful!» Give some situations in which the pocket knife you may need:

1. The opening of the box.

2. Cutting ropes, strings and knots.

3. The cutting of the Apple. I love eating Apple, cut into pieces with his own pocket knife. It’s so brave: there are slices of apples directly from the knife blade.

4. The opening of the letter. Sure, you can use your finger, but using the knife is much more masculine.

5. Weapons. Not the most effective, but still better than nothing.

6. Camping. How else can you raise the tip of the stick, they want to impose production? Production I of course mean hot dog.

7. You never know when you’ll have to use a pocket knife to exit from the crisis. Be always ready!

8. You’ll need knives to clamp it in the teeth and cut the rope, if it suddenly happens that you will be held hostage.

That pocket knife you need?

It is a personal thing. The process of choosing a knife is like buying a purse. It all boils down to personal taste. Choose something that fits the hand well, and what you’ll be proud of and willing to carry.

There are three General pocket knives: knife-nest, than a pen and a multipurpose knife. We will discuss the features and benefits of each to help you decide which knife will suit you.

Than Jack, mOJneston, has a simple stem on one end, and may have more than one blade. What is the nest popular among hunters, fishermen and tourists.

Than-the handle is fixed on both ends of the handle, and usually has two or three blades at each end. Knife-handle was originally designed to podstrogat pencil for writing. Knife-handle is good if you want to have more than one type of blade. Knives of this type are very small in size and invisible under clothing.

Multi-purpose knife. This is probably the most popular folding knives. Swiss army knife and Master are probably the most famous of multi-purpose knives. In addition to the blade in the multi-purpose knives have can openers, scissors, screwdrivers and other necessary devices. They can be useful in trips to the campsite. However, if all you want is a sharp blade, the additional features will, apparently, you only irritate.

Where to take toarmanna ncoolant

The best pocket knife is the one that has its own meaningful story. I carry a pocket knife, which I gave to my father. It is in really good shape, and with a regularly sharpened blade. It is something tangible that reminds me of my father. One day I hope to pass this expensive thing for me son. You ask father if he has a knife. I think he will gladly give it to you.

If your father or grandfather no pocket knife, or he’s just out of order and unusable, buy a new one. You can find pocket knives at any specialty shop, which provides different types of tool.

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