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Good day, my favorite magazine! I have matured a question for you, because I think your team is highly reputable, educated and knowledgeable on many topics and areas. So the question is: how do you feel about the phrase «everyone has their own truth»? Is the place to be in our life or it is only a wicked invention of men to justify their actions. He argued themselves hoarse, but the opponent is not convinced. Thanks in advance. Waiting for an answer.

The answer

When everyone has their own truth, it becomes clear where you lie.Hello dear reader. Thank you for this interesting question, we admit, are very pleased by this question. And we do not knowingly put this exquisite quote, it perfectly describes the essence of our theme.

The phrase is sort of a given. Well, there is nothing you can do about it. One may argue about whether God exists or not, the truth, as always, in the middle – you have nothing better to do than to discuss such things.

By the way, in this example it becomes clear peacekeeping the essence of this phrase. That aggressive atheists that stung Scriptures and prostrations religiuos sooner or later run out of arguments and starts a strong desire to desecrate the hated face of the sacred fist. But due to the fact that in civilized societies, the equally protected rights and those and others (I say, civilized) and respects everyone’s opinion (again, in q-And-b-And-L-s-O-V-A-N-N-y-X) before the fight never comes.

This phrase is the best way to end an argument with a fool. I explain to my friend that I do not like feijoa, because it’s sour, but he insists that his name rhymes with a bad word. Both are right: it is sour, consonant with the bad word garbage. In life it often happens – talking about things but from different perspectives. Officials say about their achievements in housing, and people are asking to improve performance. Further to your truth don’t see nothing neither one nor the other. This dry statement of fact, neither more nor less.

Of course, you’re right, hiding behind this term there is a lot of dirty deeds. For example, thieves and bandits firmly believe that doing it is a normal thing. But to each his own, everyone has their own truth. Are they right? You say no, they’ll say Yes, and break your nose. So, are they right? Where is the truth? The problem is that the truth is also different for each person. Even the precepts «thou shalt not kill, thou shalt not steal» are treated like small monsters, and powers. It seems to be a truism, but the change came another: I want to live – learn to spin. And that’s the problem. It used full phrase was: «everyone has their own Truth, and the truth is – one for all». Now everything is completely different.

Danila Bagrov was absolutely right when he said that the power of the truth. Really makes a person invincible and independent, because each is their own. Dylan Moran will continue to sing odes to whiskey and cigarettes, while militant Sect of the Holy Restraint will blame him for the damage to the body, given to him from above. Even a simple clash of opinions is only because everyone has their own vision.

Nature has shown us the existence of a single Supreme truth, yet this truth holds our society together. While there are prohibitions and rules, it’s okay. But the rules change when same-sex marriage all executed. It all becomes too subjective, and subjektivna, the more anarchy we are immersed. And all of that incorrectly interpret these rules or can not co-exist with them. This society has no common goal, no single method of behaviour, there is no single concept of good and evil.

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