Everyday problems don’t belong to you

manygoodtips.com_19.09.2014_4ktfnprUSpVQuDuring working hours you seem so active, but as soon as cross the threshold of his home, immediately turned into a very heavy lazy ass? Welcome to our club! Always glad to see our followers! You can’t force yourself to clean the house or cook, and friends, on whose shoulders you could overload these duties, in the vicinity, and is not expected. Don’t despair, we know that can make your life easier. Make yourself comfortable, we begin.

1. Don’t make your bed


How to begin your morning? From feelings of hatred and helplessness. You need to get up for work, or learning. Perhaps there is nothing more annoying than having to make the bed. You may not be lazy, but we have found that in our newsroom almost all lazy to pull the blanket on top of the neatly folded bed linen.

So, no need to do this! Leave the lumps of blankets and sheets with pillow untouched. Why? We know the answer who will be able to plug your discontent friends. After sleeping one should not make the bed because at night you sweat, and if not even breaking a sweat, anyway of your fat from your skin goes on the underwear. But if you will preserve all this fat under a layer of blankets and quilts, you run the risk of being the Creator of the new army of microbes. Now your conscience is clear.

2. Breakfast is ready


You got out of bed and washed. It’s time to eat. If you don’t have a girlfriend, well, if she’s even more lazy than you, not getting up an hour earlier to cheer you up a delicious Breakfast, then you need someone who will prepare fresh and hot Breakfast for you. Of course, you will help multivarka. Better yet, if it will be an inexpensive slow cookerthat you’ll love even more.

This useful unit knows more recipes than your friend (27 programs). And you don’t have to get up early from a warm bed sleepy to make Breakfast. Just download the appropriate ingredients in the bowl and use a function «delayed start». In the morning you Wake up from a pleasant aroma of something hot and delicious. It can be cereal, the benefits of which you know for a long time, but you were too lazy to cook them. If you want to leave some food for the evening, then you will help keep warm, which will keep the soup, pilaf or any other dish warm for a long time.

3. It’s time to eat


So, Breakfast you have prepared. It’s time to eat something tasty. What if it is, for example, noodles, or sausage with scrambled eggs and salad. I got news for you: you don’t have to use multiple kitchen appliances. Just grab a spoon-fork or fork-spoon. As you are comfortable.

Now you can rake up the salad spoon and eating his sausage attached on the teeth of the fork.

4. Suit yourself


Tasty meal and was about to get dressed? Did you iron your shirt? Well, you as always… How many times to say: prepare everything in the evening! But in the evening you’re so tired and lazy… of Course you did not master to write the arrow and iron, and even burn the sleeve inadvertently. There is an excellent replacement for the sharp assistant — steamers. By the way, we offer you an inexpensive option, as care about the safety of its budget. Not just a technique, and a steamer and steam cleaner. That is, you can not only iron clothes, but no problem to clean it. Included with this miracle thing is a large amount of tools and brushes to quickly and effectively produce Ironing, cleaning clothes, things, upholstered furniture, different surfaces, cleaning and even disinfection of premises.

I’m afraid to damage the sweater that grandma knitted for the new year? Well, it you in vain. The steamer can handle any type of clothing. You just have to turn it on and make a few moves, now your clothes are in order, you could clean the ketchup stain on the pocket. Outerwear, which is almost impossible to iron, easy to iron. Get dressed and get to work.

5. General cleaning


Ho-Ho, that weekend. You already came off as it should, it is time to remove the consequences of unbridled fun. Grab a MOP and rags… BUT so lazy! Okay, lie down on the sofa, we got one device that does all the work for you. How about a robot vacuum? You’re lying on the couch, and he rolls himself around the house and collects garbage. Attractive prospect, isn’t it?

This clever vacuum cleaner can clean hard to reach places, like under the bed. Programmed it for a certain time and day, you’re always going to have a clean apartment and can forget about the cleaning. You have high enough thresholds in the house? Well, this robot vacuum overcomes obstacles up to a height of 2.2 cm And it is not only dry, but also wet cleaning. By the way, with him the air in your house will be cleaner thanks to a 3-tier filter that removes mites, bacteria and viruses.

Time is priceless, don’t waste it on household stuff, if you use modern technology you’ll do everything much faster.

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